Amero - after $25 Oil?

Yes, they can... bring that black gold down another 50%. Oil hasn't been as cheap since January 2005. It has plunged 70 rational percent since the closing milestone of $145.29 set in July 2008 and may fall below $25 next year Merrill Lynch wrote in a report today. How about yesterday? Just a conspicuous theory: After the Oil Dive is before the Amero 2009 Rise?


Amero after Deflation/Hyperinflation

Amero 2008? Amero 2009? Not important, just a conspiracy thought. Just ask Barack "North American WhUt" Obama if you can pay with this paper anytime soon... Of course not, because Hal Turner is the source.
Believe. Change. Yes we can. If you haven't can'd it... it's new to you. But how about the Amero forex future?

50 Ameros = 10 Happy Meals?
I'd like to know the Amero exchange rate... please.

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