The Backbone of the Real ID Card

Mark Lerner is going to stop the Real ID. Now

Opednews.com, - Mar 23

Mark Lerner is on the road nearly every moment he can find the money. His time is spent in appointments with legislators, sitting down with them to discuss the Real ID. When Mark starts talking they are polite, but not particularly interested. They think they know what the Real ID is about. But when Mark is finished they are worried and asking questions. [...] The Department of Homeland Security calls the AAMVA and its network, referred to as AamvaNet, the “Backbone of the Real ID Act,” meaning it is the essential system that will allow data bases to be connected and information shared. That includes all information garnered about Americans from all sources. AAMVA has introduced a new alliance between states and territories and countries. Those countries are the United States, Canada and Mexico. This is the precursor, what is needed, for the establishment of the North America Union, the Security and Prosperity Partnership.
This ties together the Trans Texas Corridor, Homeland Security, and the issuance of the Amero to replace the U. S. Dollar, along with and the most ominous branches of the United Nations with the corporations that now take for granted that their profit agenda should control the world.

Mortgage Fears Yield Opportunity for Bond Funds

Morningstar.com, IL - Mar 20, 2008

Scott Amero and crew at BlackRock made these bonds the subject of a recent market commentary in which they point out that, similar to the problems faced by ...

Secretive shit: What ain't got shit to do with democracy!

What was discussed at a closed session of the U.S. House of Representatives? [...] The House has held a closed session for the first time in 25 years and apparently discussed a hotly contested surveillance bill.

Republicans had requested privacy for what they termed "an honest debate" on the new Democratic eavesdropping measure.

Conspiracy theorists around the world have filled many pages of blogs and emails with theories as to why the public was prevented to hear what their elected representatives said and heard.

That is the nature of secrets: those "kept in the dark" want to know and in the absence of knowledge, seek answers.
Writers suggested that the special closed session of the U.S. House of Representatives discussed a lot more than the pending security surveillance provisions. [...] Other answers included "the necessary and unavoidable merger of the United States with Canada" (for its natural resources) and with Mexico (for its cheap labor pool), the issuance of a new currency - THE AMERO - for all three nations as the proposed solution to the coming economic armageddon.

Source: Australia.to

May I Fly Amero?

Ask To Fly Domestically?
We are headed down the track and I wonder if we can come back from the direction we are headed.
by Carl Buschmann

I now have to ask Big Brother to fly domestically. We are losing our freedom at a faster and faster pace. We are being told what to do to protect us from the bad people who can't be told what to do. I suppose next month I might have to ask to go to the bathroom. Gee, what next?

Look here: http://www.naturalnews.com/022737.html

This sounds like the beginning of a facist society where we have central authority and a tightly controlled social and economic base to deal with.

Just like the NAU that the candidates are NOT talking about. This unholy union of Canada, The United States, and Mexico consists of terminating our Constitution, creating the Amero for us to spend, and a wonderful 1200 foot wide series of highways through all three countries created by the seizing of a vast amount of land by eminent domain. [...] Some people are saying that the Bush Administration may have orchestrated the declining dollar, in hopes that Americans will see truth in their logic of radical, yet necessary changes, which include but are not limited to the introduction of the NAU (North American Union). [...] The Administration's view is, the more desperate the American public becomes due to the weakening US Dollar and their acknowledgment that the country is in a (deep) recession, the easier it will be to convince the them that the only way America can compete with the Euro would be the introduction of the Amero.

It is also said that once the Amero is in circulation the dollar would simply be canceled and considered worthless much as the Confederate dollar was after The Civil War.

Source: nolanchart.com (2nd article)


Selling out Canada

As some of you may know, Canada is in the process of aligning its policies with those of the USA. Very quietly. Without public debate. [...] President Bush is arriving in Montebello, Quebec this Summer -- August 19-21st -- meeting with Calderon, Harper and the 30 CEOs for the next stage in this integration. If this matters to you, join the demonstrations in your city (1:00 pm at City Hall, Ottawa, Sunday 19th August) or at Montebello 19-21st. We need to consider these events, and their effects for future generations.

If this is all new, you might be thinking, "How can this be?!" If you think this is a 'conspiracy theory', go to the 2006 budget listed on CBC news. Scroll around 40% down to the SPP section. If this is all conspiracy theory, the government has already spent a few hundred million dollars on a 'conspiracy.'

Source: TheBulletin.ca

Fed up with the Fed

Centrally planning the ENDGAME


Dollar Doomsayers

"It's hard to stimulate an economy when the currency is going down the tubes,'' said David Malpass, the chief economist at Bear Stearns & Co. The New York-based firm expects the dollar will fall to $1.60 per euro in 12 months.

The U.S. economy may expand 1.4 percent this year, according to the median estimate of 82 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News this month. The median in March was for growth of 1.7 percent. As recently as September the Fed's target rate was 5.25 percent.

[... Yeah, right]

Relief may be in sight. The International Monetary Fund in Washington said last month that oil prices may be peaking as growth slows. The median forecast of 34 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg is for the dollar to gain about 11 percent against the euro this year and 4 percent versus the yen as the Fed's rate cuts spark the economy in the second half of 2008.

"If the U.S. dollar turns higher or if the crude oil market reverses then we have a spiral working the other way,'' said Tim Evans, an energy analyst at Citigroup Global Markets Inc. in New York. The price of crude oil will [be] at $70 by September, Evans said.

Source: Bloomberg


Absolute Powerfreaks

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." ~Lord Acton

Darwin's FinestWhether it's the war on terror abroad for democracy's preservation or trade among other nations guised under the mantle of "free trade," or even "illegal immigration," the underlying, prevalent principle is globalism.

This unprecedented, enthroning ideology stands as the new face of rule worldwide. Under one flag, currency and leader, the peoples of the world will forcefully be united under a common banner. [...] What's to come in the future is an America no more. [...] With an everlasting war, the ruling elite would have the support of a terrified population begging for security, even if that meant giving up personal liberties.

Through this everlasting turmoil, the ruling elite is able to offer up its own personal solution. And through rhetoric and propaganda, they will have successfully united the globe against a common enemy.

Soon, globalism will be the answer behind every problem. [...] They have systematically created chaos in order to establish an iron rule. Though it seems they have benign solutions to every problem, the reality is much worse.

Throughout history, man has wanted nothing more than absolute power, even if that meant manipulating the common man.

There is no way better to maintain and enforce absolute power than through a common rule - globalism.
This dark curtain of global dominance is the destroyer of sovereignty.

Soon, the United States of America will be no more, inevitably paving way for the "United Nations of the World," a predetermined fact of history that sadly, will enforce globalism on all.

Source: DailyTitan.com

Amero 101: Benefits and Drawbacks

There’s still room for speculation that an Amero currency could be in the works -- benefits and drawbacks:

Save on currency transactions: Dr. Herbert Grubel estimates that Canada alone would save $3 billion from the Amero’s implementation.

Printing inflation would be more difficult: There is large criticism of the Federal Reserve’s practice of printing dollars to pay debts and obligations, which causes the dollar to lose value. With a monetary union, the US would, one assumes, be held accountable by Mexico and Canada, and less free to continue this sort of practice.

Transition risks: The worldwide transition from the dollar to Amero could risk the dollar/Amero’s status as a global currency, which may cause foreign investors to shift to the more established euro and yen.

Same problems: The amero largely does not address problems that currently exist with the dollar, like trade deficits, government debt, and status as a fiat currency.

Shared seignorage: The US currently collects net revenue from issuing the dollar, but with the Amero, any revenues would likely be shared with Canada and Mexico.

Dollar fall: The Canadian and US dollars are worth considerably more than Mexico’s troubled peso. A merging of the three currencies could result in a fall of both dollars to meet the peso.

(Re-)read the whole article at CurrencyTrading.net


The best way to reach the endgame

In all probability, we will go with inflating our money supply. This simply means printing unbacked paper without gold or silver behind it. The result will be higher prices, and the money will become less valuable. The ultimate result will be that we will be in a worse condition.
Lenin declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. He went on to say that the way to destroy the middle class was to grind them between the two millstones of inflation and taxation.
It would be my guess that the long-range plan of the elites is to create an economic crisis to replace the dollar with the "amero" so we might merge into the North American Union.
Being ignorant is no longer an option [because the endgame is near].

Andy Windham, Wagener, S.C.

Source: AugustaChronicle.com


The Secretive NAU Propaganda Machine

New documents have been uncovered that reveal how heads of state of the U.S., Mexico and Canada are beseeching business leaders they privately meet with to launch public relations campaigns in order to counter critics of the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).

The documents detail how corporate representatives have been urged to "humanize" North American integration, promote NAFTA success stories to employees and unions and evolve the harmonization agenda "without fueling protectionism". [...] The memo details the SPP's behind closed doors inaugural meeting with the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), an advisory Council Comprised of 30 senior private sector representatives of North American corporations that were selected by the American, Canadian and Mexican governments at the June 2006 trilateral meeting in Cancun, Mexico. [...]

The memo highlights how those advancing the North American integration agenda are concerned about the exposure and subsequent public backlash they have encountered recently.

Read the whole article


The insane theory

The myth has also been central to Ron Paul's message-he has even introduced the issue before national audiences at presidential debates. It has resonated with millions of Americans because it preys on their nativistic prejudices and (often legitimate) concerns about globalization.

To be fair, the NAU theory (like any good conspiracy theory) has some basis in fact. The facts have been so distorted by the paranoiac fringe, however, that the NAU theory bears little resemblance to reality.

There is a substantial road in the works. In 2002, Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas unveiled a proposal for the "Trans-Texas Corridor." The road, while highly unpopular with some Texans, was approved by the state legislature and the governor. But it is a state initiative, not a covert and concerted effort to build a "NAFTA Superhighway." [...]

What about the "amero," the rumored currency of the NAU? Some political scientists have entertained the idea, but there is currently no evidence the federal government plans to ditch the dollar. Absent a constitutional amendment, the "amero" isn't remotely possible. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the power "to coin money, regulate the value thereof … and fix the standard of weights and measure. [...] So this conspiracy theory is bunk. But don't take this liberal's word for it. The NAU theory has come under heavy friendly fire, too.

Jed Babbin, editor of the conservative newspaper Human Events, for which Corsi writes, compared people who believe in an impending NAU to those who believe in Bigfoot.

Michael Medved, a far-right talk show host, has called the theory "ludicrous," "childish," "ill-informed," "manipulative" and "brain dead."

Charles Krauthammer, a prominent conservative thinker and writer, said, "I love (the NAU theory) because if you ever doubt your own sanity, all you have to do is read this stuff and realize that you're OK."

And if your theory is too crazy for Krauthammer, then perhaps it's time you do doubt your own sanity.

by Jon "The Debunker" Adams

Source: UtahStatesMan.com


SPP: Anything but sovereignty on their minds!

Could the governments of North America be conspiring to turn the continent into one united country? A group of protesters scouring Pitt Street Saturday believe it's only a matter of time before Canada loses it sovereignty to a super-powered government made of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Dwight Dugas and several other Cornwall residents started their call to action against the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) outside the constituency office of MP Guy Lauzon, much the way they say similar grassroots groups did in 18 other Canadian cities Saturday.

According to the Government of Canada website, the SPP is "a commitment" by all three countries "to work together to build a safer and more economically dynamic North America" that focuses on the areas of cross-border transportation, security, economic prosperity, environmental protection and public health.
[...] The group's principal concern is the alleged creation of a universal currency to be used across all three countries known as the "Amero," a concept discussed by Professor of Economics Herbert Grubel of Simon Fraser University in his 1999 book.

"The SPP is a threat to our country and our way of life," Dugas said. "If we give up our currency, we give up our sovereignty. Whoever controls the money in a country has the power."

The SPP mandate claims to respect the sovereignty of each country, which Lauzon backed up Monday after an unrelated press conference at the Lionel Chevrier building.

"(Creating one country) is not what (SPP) is about," Lauzon said. "Let's say a pandemic of the flu breaks out. We can't have it getting across our borders. It's all about security and protecting the residents of all three countries. I don't think any of the leaders have anything but sovereignty on their minds at these meetings."

Source: Standard-Freeholder

CNN: to speed up the NAU

The Trans-Texas Corridor aka NAFTA Superhighway Supertollroad: If you build it, they will pay!

4,000 Miles!
Messing with Texas!
Fucking the sheeple!

"There's change forming! You brain-storming?"


The Big Endgame Element

The following letter to the editor from Dr. Paul ran in today's [Feb. 29, 2008] Wall Street Journal:

"I was delighted to read in Judy Shelton's op-ed, "Security and the Falling Dollar" (Feb. 15), that at long last the security implications of the dollar's collapse have made their way into the mainstream media. The dollar's strength (or lack thereof) has been of paramount concern to me, and the subject of many of my statements over the past several years. Decades of manipulation by the Federal Reserve have benefited the government and certain politically-connected firms, while gradually destroying the purchasing power of middle-class Americans. Despite numerous warnings in the past, it is only now at a point of acute crisis that Washington insiders are beginning to awaken to the reality of the end of dollar hegemony.

"While I desire reform of our current monetary system, my own proposals have not been as all-encompassing as Ms. Shelton's suggestion to return to a Bretton Woods-style system. Her recommendation, though, that gold backing should make up a component of a future monetary system, is one that we would all do well to heed. My own legislative proposals focus around eliminating the taxes and laws that dissuade individuals and institutions from using gold as currency or as a backing for currency. By allowing market processes to determine the issuance of currency, we can allow individuals to decide for themselves what currency they wish to use. This would lead to a gradual reintroduction of sound money and avoid the market shocks that occur when monetary decisions are mandated by government fiat."

Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas)

Source: RonPaul2008

...Austrian Economics, Stupid!

Primary Democratic Bullshit feat. NAFTA

Canada defended Democratic front-runner Barack Obama Monday over accusations from rival Hillary Clinton that he is secretly at ease with a hemispheric trade accord which he publicly blames for losing U.S. jobs. Clinton's criticism, on the eve of make-or-break presidential nomination contests for her in Ohio and Texas, stemmed from a report by Canadian television station CTV that an Obama economic adviser told Canadian officials the candidate was not seriously considering disrupting the trade accord. [...] "There was no intention to convey, in any way, that Senator Obama and his campaign team were taking a different position in public from views expressed in private, including about NAFTA," the embassy statement said. "We deeply regret any inference that may have been drawn to that effect." [...] Clinton, a New York senator, has made an issue of what she says is Obama's support for the North American Free Trade Agreement, which her husband, former President Bill Clinton, signed in 1994 but which is now under heavy election-year criticism from her and Obama.

Source: Forbes.com

"...these mentally dead slaves
Who've been lost on a cross, for decades
And centuries, lookin' for the liberty
But receive nothin', but misery"
-The RZA "The Birth"


The 2008 election's Sleeper Issue

One issue that is conspicuously absent from the rhetoric of the presidential candidates is the North American Union (NAU). The questions of immigration and border security are frequently raised and the candidates claim to realize the need for a clear immigration policy and effort to secure the borders of the United States. Yet when you begin to understand the purposes of the North American Union and the agenda of its proponents, you will understand why this will never happen. And you may also begin to see that you are being manipulated by the major candidates. [...] [Ron] Paul says that the real issue raised by the SPP is nation sovereignty. "Once again, decisions that affect millions of Americans are not being made by those Americans themselves, or even by their elected representatives in Congress. Instead, a handful of elites use their government connections to bypass national legislatures and ignore our Constitution – which expressly grants Congress the sole authority to regulate international trade." In this speech Paul predicts that the NAU will become a sleeper issue for the 2008 election, stating that "any movement toward a NAU diminishes the ability of average Americans to influence the laws under which they must live."

Read the whole article at naturalnews.com

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