Sept. 14: $6 Silver

There is change formin', you brain-stormin'?
Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid buys more paper (even Silver). Rational people recognize that the whole Comex exchange is a joke and stash even more Physical Silver. Can you smell what da rock boyz are cookin'?
Bill Maher WU suck dick
But hey, it's just the free market, it's just money -- AIG bankrupt haters (Not Brian Austin Green, Frida Kahlo or that MILF from Weeds Season 4 episode 13:) like "Why you still talkin' money, shit?!" Cuz we like real money, bitch! Paper rich. Even the paper itself is toxic... and of course: all promises come without any of that evil fiber. Why mess with a perfectly good depopulation instrument? K.I.S.S. - Mary Louise Parker, or have a white tie affair, just remember:

61% of all enlightened Americans believe in the Noah's Arc Theory... literally! 61% believe a 900-year-old man impregnated 500 women and got ever single species - including every little brobdingnagian insect - to fuck on a boat!

You may think that even Olivia wilde, Erin Popovich & the Dick Army (Excluding Margaret Hoelzer, of course) will object to this post. But if you consider the wilco-style HP layoff (yes, the necessary HP job cuts!), if you actually read about the major-league Lehman Barclays Fuck-ups (even Lehman Brothers India!) and Greedmen Goldman Sachs SNAFUs -- you will develop a deviated septum. Shit's like a blow to somebodies face -- got 5 minutes to kill yourself?


Ol' Dirty Bastard does Sarah Palin

ODB is likely in hell, but one thing's for sure: Da Dirtdog DirtMC is still on the road, and 2nd to none... even in heaven -- so it is highly likely, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (Read: Pregnant ... as usual) got to "meet" Ol' Dirty Bastard - The Astral Version... Sarah Palinski prays to God (not G.O.D.) ...that this Iraq war thingy is going to end soon... not evil. ODB had this to say:

Well shut the fuck up!! Vice prez aint nuttin but a skull for a bone. You can fuck 'em you can suck 'em you can leave 'em alone. 25 cents is the regular price. 50 cents you can fuck 'em twice. 75 cents you can fuck 'em to the bone. And a Dollar worth leave it alone. Yo, and the Bush Doctrine is a term used to describe the foreign policy doctrine of United States gangsta George W. Bush, enunciated in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Now I want two beef patties, special sauce, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, on a sesame seed bun - on a sesame seed bun, you big dummy.

P.S. Of course, like Bill Maher-iOnette, we just kid... the next president!?


The Current Issue of the Depreciating Dollar

When the energy revolution comes, where would we be with a strong dollar? All of the experts on CNBC are always telling us how good the weak dollar is for exports. That weak dollar, which most everyone is hoping will strengthen, will continue to disappoint. There is a lot of talk about a strong-dollar policy, but no real actions are being taken to achieve that end. The interesting thing to note here is that there really are no actions that can be taken to strengthen the dollar. The policy makers are boxed in, as noted by many who discourse on the subject.

There is a similar boxing-in that has occurred in the national real estate market. Month after month we hear of new government bailout plans and projections of a "floor under housing." All the while, the housing-sector collapse accelerates. The best thing to do now is to look objectively at what is actually transpiring, rather than fixating on what government officials and experts claim is going to happen. They will continue to talk of the bottom of the housing market and the reversal in the dollar while both continue to get crushed. In 2012 when the median house in the US costs $60,000 and the average hourly wage is $7.00 we'll all be joyfully building wind turbines and solar arrays for what feels like minimum wage but buys us a nice little house with a picket fence, a dog and a cat, writes American John McIntyre


Most popular Amero YouTube Video a Scam?

Sir Hillary Parker, on August 30, 2008 at 11:37 pm, said: "Your comment about the Amero now making it into “respectable media” is incorrect. Go back and watch the fake video and you’ll see that the lip syncing in the video is perhaps the biggest scam since Milli Vanilli was ripped off for all their music awards when it was proven that all their songs were lip synced and that they never sang any of the songs. The Amero video on YouTube is a scam and that’s also why you can’t post comments on the site because they don’t want anyone picking up on the scam. A retraction fromyou on “respectable media” is in order."

Def not a scam: Amero.at's Million Dollar Production:


Da Amerocan Victor?

The death of the US dollar may come as a surprise to many conventional... non-thinkers. Others have long prepared for the big event. That is what all the background talk of the Amero is about. No longer just "Word around the campfire" - the foundation has definitely bin laden been laid. You can bet your bottom banknote da Cartel that is imploding the present uebersystem will be front & center with its replacement. Fair trade? Fair play? Fair-y Tale! There is no justice! And the end still justifies the meme means.

The end is, of course, not paper ends but power: Control the printing press of a currency region, and you don't have to give a flying shit about "regional presidents/politicians". The three primary regions are set to be Europe, Asia and the Americas. Europe is kind of up and running. Asia is heading quickly in that direction with China and deflated Japan vying for supremacy. Certain smart money predicts the Chinese Yuan will be the best of the worst, da victor -- the greenback is playing out its final timeline... in a shady election year. They might even pull a $50 Oil Pre-e7ect1on stunt to assure J. McCain's presidency. If you can fill'er up for 40 bucks, you're cuil with Republicans chasing that rich ally turned mad super villain who hides in the desert and wants to destroy the US... and your mother! But of course, you already knew that... that's why you're a Ron Paul supporter, right?

That's why you bought additional physical silver. You know that the Dollar must be sacrificed, and you even read:

Lately, talk of a “North American Union” merger between the United States, Mexico, and Canada has made the leap from late-night talk radio and the blogosphere fringe and into respectable media. Is there anything to all this?

There are three components to the conspiracy:

The North American Union (NAU)
The NAFTA Superhighway
The “amero” - a unified currency for the U.S., Mexico, and Canada

Each component has a varying degree of truth. [...]
The “amero” - a shared currency for the three nations. This component is the least likely of the three, as there is no reliable evidence that a unitary continental currency is on the horizon. However, a savvy conspiracy theorist might suggest that the NAFTA Superhighway is Step 1, the NAU Step 2, and the amero the third and final step of tri-national merger. Thus, why should there be much evidence for the amero’s existence at this point?

The term “amero” was coined (no pun intended) in 1999 by Canadian economist Herbert Grubel. Grubel did manage to interest then-Mexican President Vicente Fox in the idea but could get no traction in the U.S. or especially in his native Canada [source]. Thus, the amero is strictly theoretical… Well, mostly. (Source: AmateurEconomists)

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