'They' pushing inflation?

I have a real problem with the idea that “They” have engineered things so that all of the wealth and power will wind up in the hands of the usual bunch of trilateralists /zionists /masters-of-the-universe/Goldman Sachs Directors, etc. In fact, much of the West’s wealth is simply going to vanish -- just as it has begun to do with the demise of Bear Stearns and other financial behemoths. The bondholders have been spared so far, mostly at taxpayers’ and shareholders’ expense, but I’m not so sure there’ll be much of a carcass left for the supposed cabal to feast on when the K-wave deflationary trough bottoms in perhaps another 6-8 years.

By then, the real wealth of the world will have shifted – organically – to Asia and the oil producers. And while they may revere gold in those places, I doubt they will feel compelled to tie their money to it. They won’t have to, since their currencies will be strong without the artificially induced buoyancy of global reserve status the dollar has enjoyed. Also, there will be no financial powerhouses in the world that emerges from the Second Great Depression, only economic powerhouses. Financial clout should be merely a side-effect of economic clout – a fact that Americans seem to have lost sight of long ago, so busy were we enjoying the benefits of our illusory, paper-thin prosperity. (by Rick Ackerman)


Another Legitimate Senate Campaign Issue!

In the race for the Republican nomination for South Carolina's U.S. Senate seat, one hot topic of actual debate is over what could be a fictional issue. Columbia dentist Buddy Witherspoon is challenging Sen. Lindsey Graham for the GOP nomination, challenging Graham on his support for [...] a "North American Union," which would merge the United States, Canada and Mexico into one political and economic entity.

"It is apparently fashioned after the European Union," Witherspoon told WYFF News 4's Beth Brotherton. "I believe in this great nation, I've stood for it through the years and as long as I have breath in this body I will continue to stand for what is right," he said. Witherspoon said the creation of the NAU would also mean the creation of a joint currency called the Amero, after the Euro.
"The North American Union, whether it is something that is in the making or not, we don't want to get caught in a vise all of a sudden with our constitution and sovereignty down the drain," Witherspoon said.

Graham says the issue is nonsense, nothing more than an Internet conspiracy theory he says. "I think most Americans would find it hard to believe, it is hard to believe, a baseless Internet rumor," Graham said.

Source: WYFF Greenville

Another illegal performance enhancing drug called "Unbacked Fiat Currency"

The obscene fiat money orgy triggered by Nixon has been sustained only by the grotesque market manipulation of the Gold Cartel, Presidents Working Group on Financial markets (PPT) and the Counter-party Risk Management Group
(CPRMG). Without this manipulation the buying power of the dollar would have diminished much quicker and its impact on the demand side would therefore have also diminished. The interference with the classic inflation barometer, gold, has led to the illusion of the US Economic Miracle which was achieved with an illegal performance enhancing drug called “unbacked fiat currency”. Thirty seven years of turbo-charged growth has surpassed the world’s ability to provide commodities of all description and sucked dry most of the world’s stockpiles.
The rising dollar price of real things is the manifestation of the laws of economics rebalancing the purchasing power of an over produced piece of paper against an under-produced real “good”. Throughout history when it takes more and more fiat paper to pay for real things, when economics screams there is an oversupply of fiat paper currency, the perverse reaction of all governments has been to interpret this as a shortage of fiat currency and so they produce more to be able to pay the higher prices! It is now called “injecting liquidity”. It doesn’t matter what euphemism is used, thanks to Richard M. Nixon, we are irretrievably on the road to hyperinflation. Precious metals, natural resources and the companies that find and produce them is where wealth preservation and growth truly lies.

~Adrian Douglas, MarketForceAnalysis


What they want

"We're seeing a society that not only has a lot more people of low IQ, but a lot fewer people of higher IQ. In other words, a dumbing down -- a chemical dumbing down of society. So everyone is just sort of mediocre. That leaves them dependent on government ... because they can't excel. We have these people of lower IQ who are totally dependent. Then we have this mass of [sheople] who are going to believe anything they're told because they can't really think clearly, and very few people of very high IQ, who have good cognitive function, who can figure this all out -- and that's what they want." ~[Whose quote?]


NAU: Simply bad taste like Red Bull Cola

Red Bull Cola: Reminds you of cheap-ass Costco cokeConservatives in denial about North American Union
Standard Freeholder, Canada - May 20, 2008
... a peaceful protest against the SPP Conference, since the mandate is for the 3 countries to work towards the formation of a North American Union. ...

NewsWithViews.com, OR - May 22, 2008
For years now we have seen the manipulative and almost secretive meetings of the SPP moving forward on the North American union and the super highway plans. ...

Oklahoma Recalls Bill That Would Have Facilitated NAFTA Superhighway
Lincoln News Messenger, CA - May 21, 2008
The NAFTA Superhighway is the necessary infrastructure needed for the creation of a North American Union. It will serve as a highway for cheap Chinese goods ...


Amero Debt Monster

One of the most practical things you can do now is get yourself out of debt. When the switch occurs, and it will (think Patriot Act with all the camera's everywhere that no one wants) the people who won't be able to walk away from their debts are the debt heavy middle class. Just like student loans, the government will make sure that you pay. It won't go away. So when the dollar is further devalued and they decide like someone said earlier and offer 3 Amero's for one dollar, those in debt won't see the light of day, because I'm sure their debt will be reflected in Amero's at that point -- just another way of keeping you in bondage. No one thought we'd be comfortable with paying $3 for gas, but that day is here. Wages are not rising. Most Americans are insulating themselves with debt as opposed to buying their way out of the system. The government, better yet the Republican Party, really doesn't want to do a thing to help Americans out. Their thinking is that American's were stupid for indulging in the first place, as if the baiting never took place.

Companies are definitely going to go for the Amero. Most American technology companies (the richest companies in the nation now) are already using low wage foreign workers. What they can't automate, they are going to look to pay the lowest price possible. [...] People need to wake up and smell the coffee. American politicians have taken up the "Snoop Dogg" way of thinking -- "We don't love these ho's". If you don't know who the "ho" is, chances are the Vaseline has left you immune to the pain.

Rich comment, source: Wisebread.com


This is, ha, Viral Marketing at its best feat. The Amero and the Freedom rEVOLution

Amero in the RSS

Investors switch to precious metals, reports AME Info, straight from the United Arab Emirates on May 20, 2008. {Yeah,} And if the financial crisis gets worse then one solution under discussion is the replacement of the US... "Dollar imperialism is the new form of colonisation" is a fresh (13 hours ago) Zimbabwe Guardian (UK) headline ... rumoured that a North American union of USA Canada and Mexico will come up with their answer to the Euro in the form of a new currency called ...
Best in Small Business: Chamber salutes 4 as 'Small Business ... You can thank the Gloucester Daily Times for this vital piece of info: A reception for Amero in Essex will be held at Woodman's Top Deck at 5 pm on Thursday, June 5, while Pierce will be honored Monday, June 2, at the Atlantis ...

...only stupid answers!

http://trickofmind.com/2007_08_01_archive.html PeaceA reader recently asked why we were being derelict in our duty to report about the “Amero.” “The what?” I asked. [...] The amero is the American version of the euro, the common currency of the European Union, which we’ll be forced to adopt when the Powers That Be complete creation of the North American Union. [...] So, at this point, we just don’t know. Here’s a couple of things we do know, though: Making sweeping changes in a country requires political capital. I doubt W — whose approval ratings are at a historical low — has enough to get a dead-end street named after himself, much less change the currency. The Web pages milking the amero are some of same ones that hyped the Y2K disaster theory.

"Amero-ca the oh, so dubious", By Michael A. Smith, The Daily News

P.S. Amero.at ain't "some of same ones".


Info leak

and still news to many:

"Now it is all in the open. {...} We will have a new currency, the Amero, and a new constitution."

~Stan Jones, U.S. Senate C., Lib.-Montana


More than a rumor?

A rumor is swirling around the Internet that an inglorious end to the U.S. economy is imminent. [...] On March 18, 2008, a “closed door” session of Congress was held for only the fourth time in history. According to House Rule XVII, clause 9, it is forbidden for members of the U.S. House of Representatives to reveal the discussions held behind those doors. The penalty for leaking such information includes loss of seniority, fines, reprimand, censure or expulsion. [...] According to the Australia.TO newspaper, as reported in the May 2008 Last Trumpet Newsletter (LTM), several congressmen were so incensed about what was discussed behind those doors that they were compelled to leak the contents of the meeting. Following is what is rumored to have been discussed:

Imminent collapse of the U.S. economy by September 2008; imminent collapse of the U.S. Government finances by February 2009; possibility of civil war within the U.S. resulting from the collapse; detainment of “insurgent U.S. citizens” in anticipation of their moving against the government; the potential for violent action taken by citizens against members of Congress due to the collapses; the merger of the U.S. economy with those of Canada and Mexico as a solution to the collapse; the introduction of a new tri-national currency called the “AMERO” as another economic solution.

Needless to say, that’s a lot of information to process. Unfortunately none of it can be verified and it essentially falls under the category of rumor and as such must be treated as suspect. [...] The fact that many people even consider these stories as being potentially true is revealing of the mindset of Americans today: they are nervous about the economy, scared over high oil and gas prices and none too happy over the housing price deflation. (by Clif Droke)


Bush says he wants $70 billion for the war next year and $770 million in food aid, mostly for Africa. Bush, and the Federal Reserve, are breaking our American dollar, our economy and our backs. They continue to print up nonexistent money and the American people get to pay the interest on this money that the government borrows.
The Federal Reserve is not "federal," but a privately owned bank that Woodrow Wilson regrettably endorsed during his presidency in 1913. I do not find the Depression suffered in the 1930s ironic and there is always a possibility for another one. Americans live on credit, just like their government, away from the principle of spending only what they have and delaying gratification for what they want. Our country is paying the price, and we have to pray we do not further lose our national sovereignty. Google the Amero dollar and the North American Union.
As we get our fix at Wal-Mart or the evening sports, our country is going in a direction that only an asleep populace allows. It takes awake people to change a molded course. Read Ron Paul's "The Revolution: A Manifesto" regarding the principles we need back: individual liberty, sound money, the Constitution and the foreign policy of the Founding Fathers.

~Leah Gerten, Fallbrook, NCTimes.com


Thanks tfp105.blogspot.comIn other news: A 40-year-old former substitute teacher was caught red-handed surfing the web for porn in the presence of her 7th grade students on the classroom computer. Julie Amero of Windham Connecticut said that it was not her fault but that it was pop-ups from spyware present on the classroom computers prior to the teachers arrival.

The jury didn't believe that Amero was just the victim of spyware and convicted her of four counts of endangering a child. Each count could nab her a 10-year sentence.


Yo quiero pesos!

We now know without doubt that Bush wants us to submerge our sovereignty with Canada and Mexico and that the resulting political, economic and monetary union will require some significant re-alignment in the values of the three currencies currently in existence. Now, no three separate countries have identical economies, so 'harmonization' (nice sounding word for something very unpleasant)in the values of the US and Canadian dollar with the Mexican Peso is something we WILL see starting to occur if we ARE heading down the road to such a full-blown marriage.

How do we know this? From the recent experience of our friends in Europe, of course! The same forces are in the driving seat there as well as here. The bulk of European countries since 2001 have adopted the Euro, which is a complex composite of the various former currencies of those participating countries. In order for them all to be assimilated into one unitary currency, Europe had to go through a lengthy period of economic convergence - as we shall have to here, too, for the plan to work across north America.

It'll be a simpler matter here, though. Only 3 economies to converge rather than over 20 as was the case of Europe. It can be achieved very much more quickly. It is Mexico's Peso that is the main problem for Bush & Co.

If you don't read the whole article, you're against World Peace!

NAU: What American serfs don't want

Americans are catching on to the North American Union scheme and voicing their opposition. The right wing grassroots organization, American Policy Center (APC), has just concluded a survey of one million American households. The survey, titled "Do Americans Support a North American Union", [...] questions were:

1. Have you heard of the Security and Prosperity Partnership? 58 % of those responding said they did Not know about the SPP.

2. Do you think private corporations should have the power to enforce trade policy that may adversely affect our national sovereignty and independence? This question related directly to the establishment of public/private partnerships between private corporations and government, granting no-compete clauses and comprehensive development agreements which provide guarantees by government to the corporations as investment returns. The TTC is not a free enterprise, but is government sanctioned monopolies. As this question was explained by the APC, 95% of respondents Opposed such policy.

3. Chapter 11 of the NAFTA agreement states that disputes over NAFTA-related issues will be heard in NAFTA courts superseding U.S. local, state and federal courts, including the Supreme Court. Question three asked, Do you think this would be a threat to U.S. sovereignty? 91% of respondents said Yes.


6. Would you support efforts to replace the U.S. dollar with a common North American currency some call the "Amero"? Though denied by the Bush Administration, there has been much discussion about the creation of a North American currency that would mimic the Euro. In an October, 2007 appearance on the Larry King Show on CNN, former Mexican President Fox answered in the affirmative when King asked about the creation of a united currency. 92% of respondents said they would Not support such a common North American currency.


8. Should the Bush Administration be allowed to move forward with its plans to create a "North American Community" without Congressional approval? Again, the American people have shown they understand that it is Congress which should decide such policy as this. They responded with a resounding 97% No to this question.

9. Do you believe the United States should be "harmonized" or merged into a union with Mexico and Canada? The words most often used by the Administration concerning the SPP are "harmonize" and "integrate". The U.S. is a representative Republic; Mexico is a socialist government; and Canada is part of the British Crown. There are no grounds for "harmonization" unless drastic changes are made to the U.S. judicial and financial systems. 88% said No to harmonization with Mexico and Canada.

10. Respondents were asked to provide comments and thoughts on the SPP. The word most often used was "treason". Another said, "I want no part of the social health care of Canada and I do not want to incorporate Mexico's turmoil and poverty into our United States.". Many others said, "I want secure borders, not easy traffic between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. And another bluntly said, "Bush's actions formulate a horrifying destruction of our proud nation". Many others used even stronger language. Once Americans learn about the SPP, they are clearly opposed.

In the face of this overwhelming opposition, on April 21-22, in yet another closed door meeting in New Orleans, President Bush and heads of state from Mexico and Canada continued to deny the SPP is anything more than a "dialogue" among the three nations.

Read the whole article at NaturalNews.com

Amer D'oh!

As the Boston Globe in their accurate and daring reporting in their article entitled "The Amero Conspiracy" they say, If you haven't heard about the NAU, that may be because its plotters have succeeded in keeping it secret. Or, more likely, because there is no such thing." Wow, the BOSTON GLOBE!, the GREAT PURVEYOR OF TRUTH, constantly uncovering the untrue conspiracies, I hear everyday about the great journalism going on at the Boston Globe... one of the world's most important newspapers. [...]

One of the great conspiracy theorists of our country in none other than Lou Dobbs of CNN. This guy is certifiably NUTS and there is no conspiracy that he doesn't believe in... give Lou a picture of a UFO and he can clearly see the GRAYS driving and ready to abduct. Let's see what this great conspiracy theorist himself says about the AMERO. [...] Ok, so the truth is that none of this is new... and candidly, a plan that makes a whole lot of sense for big business. [...]

The funny thing is that "conspiracy theorists" are in some pretty good company (this time) about the NAU... such as CNN and CNBC and just about every major foreign news service. And again... you think I'm nuts? Go to "You Tube" and search "North American Union"... and see how many hits you get (hint... hundreds of thousands of videos).

And then you may want to ask yourself... where am I? why am I so poorly informed? and where have I been for the past several years while all of this has been planned and is now in the execution phase?

Source: Bruce Lays it Out Good B.L.O.G.


Fantasy: Amero currency backed by silver


Tags: US Foreclosure, 5 bucks a gallon gas, Weimar abyss, 125 oil, fantasy coins, silver standard;

Psst, there is not enough silver! Silver's in short supply! Only bankers and other paper gangstas will tell you otherwise. That's just one reason why you're retarded not to posses any!


Dollar's GATA go!

By Adrian Douglas

I attended the GATA third International conference held in Washington, April 17-19, 2008. There was a very impressive, star-studded cast of presenters who made presentations on the conference theme from very varied perspectives. In reflecting on everything I had heard during the two days it suddenly occurred to me how all these different viewpoints and perspectives could be integrated in a single, all encompassing way forward for GATA, which I would like to share with you.

There were several presentations which categorically demonstrated the gold market, and many other markets, are manipulated by the Central banks, their governments and their agents. [...] Edwin Viera presented the perspective of gold as money versus paper currency from a Constitutional law point of view. He warned of the Establishment doing everything possible to continue to steal from its citizens through fiat currency creation by, among other things, introducing a substitute paper currency such as
the Amero, and forging political and monetary union with Mexico and Canada
when the death of the present US dollar appears certain. This grim prospect would mean that not only would the Constitution continue to be violated but the Declaration of Independence too! He warned that in a country where 90 million citizens are armed destitution through inflation will not be taken sitting down!

Read the whole article at MarketForceAnalysis.com (pdf file)


Keep it stupid, simples!

Consider the agenda of our government in 2008. Why would Americans want to merge with Mexico and Canada? I can see a reason why we might want to "conquer" them, but to merge with them? No, yet it is being done right now, this minute. Americans don't want the "amero" as our new dollar and we don't want open borders. [...] We want an honest government with leaders who actually have integrity and qualities we have come to expect from Americans. Sadly, we have very little of this maybe five in the whole country. What we have is a corrupt government full of self-serving demagogues (550 or so people) who have nothing in mind but to further their own coffers as they sell our sovereignty -- but oh yes, they'll possibly write you a form letter saying absolutely nothing in response to your query. It's time for a revolution. Our government is supposed to serve us, not the other way around.

by Marica Stirman

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