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Stores in America are accepting pesos for Pizza. Walmart is accepting pesos, yen and loonies at the borders. Are we getting ready for the Amero - the one currency for North America?

Newspaper articles on the new American currency

Source: sfu.ca

Tumbling Taco-flavored Currency

As an important US holiday approaches (Labor Day), a reflection is in order of the extremely dangerous footing we find our nation in, and the predicament that a nation of laborers finds itself in. Workers find their situation extremely tenuous, especially in light of the corporate sell-out of the American worker in favor of Asians, aided by USGovt incentives and Wall Street cheers. Our workers became accustomed to the betrayal during the 1980 decade with the Pacific Rim powered by the Asian Tigers. Why cannot economists see that a decade of Vietnam War inflation, a Johnson-Kennedy Guns & Butter agenda, and USDollar benefit from high Volcker interest rates (leading to Plaza Accord to bring down the US$), resulted in a colossal cost to the US Middle Class and workers??? They took more blows with the 1990 NAFTA betrayal, as Mexican assembly plants cropped up across the border. The current Chinese and Indian outsource movement is yet another betrayal to the American worker. Outsource the job, enjoy the lower cost to the corporate profit margin, and send the US employees into the street, especially if they are near retirement with pensions.

Let us all celebrate Labor Day, marred by a skein of betrayals. What is needed is a national program to put Americans to work. Instead, we fight an endless winless war abroad, in support of private syndicates who profit heavily. How about a national mandate and high priority initiative to rebuild the US bridges, access roads to major cities, tunnels, railroads, sewer pipes, water pipes, natural gas pipes, crude oil pipes, airports, and port facilities? And yes, forbid Halliburton and other connected crooks to participate in any and all bidding? FDRoosevelt initiated numerous plans. Why not now? High speed trains are common in France, Germany, and Japan, soon to China. The US lags badly.

In fact, one can conclude that the US is morphing into a bizarre Third World nation with a powerful military and a banking system well equipped to abuse the power extended from printing unbacked money marked as the world reserve currency.

[...] The Mexican Peso tumbled in July, and has continued lower in August. The financial conditions behind their FOREX revenues from their energy account are being revealed. The MexPeso has fallen from 9.25 to the 9.0 level, well below its 50-day moving average, without recovery. As the USDollar falters against the euro currency, the MexPeso does also. So the MexPeso has faltered even worse relative to world currencies. European exports rise in price to Mexicans. Currency markets sense trouble. The Mexican economy suffers from a significant decline in cash transfers (remittances) from workers in the US sending money home to families. This was addressed in my work as evidence of lost home construction jobs. The volume of money involved in remittances exceeds the total foreign direct investment in Mexico, an alarming data point, so not a small sum. This cramps consumer spending and small business investment, and leads to wider poverty. Count that as another contagion from the US housing crisis, of course denied.

The situation in Mexico continues to deteriorate. As their nation falls further into outright chaos, three key questions arise: 1) What happens to the reliable supply of crude oil to the United States, even as Cantarell sees further decline? 2) What happens to the plans for implementation of the North American Alliance, the economic merger of the US, Canada, and Mexico? 3) What happens to foreign mining rights to Mexican properties, under possible threat of confiscation or hiked royalty demands? These are central questions addressed in the August Hat Trick Letter report.

Source: "US/Mex Failed System and Failed State" by Jim Willie


Making Things Worse for the US Currency

The world's largest financial organizations have already taken big hits – quietly, for the moment – but the collapse of the subprime sector really is hurting, and we are seeing things that just shouldn't happen in a well-ordered financial world.

Fund managers are not producing credible fund valuations; they have frozen values using old prices, and are forbidding the normal result, which is investors piling through the exits.

No-one can price mortgage-backed derivatives at the moment, and no-one really knows how the underwriters of credit default swaps are pricing the insurance time-bomb they're sitting on. These horrible investments are in many cases worth nothing, and in the case of credit-default swaps, less than nothing.

The current lull might prove an opportunity for the prospective gold buyer. Gold has not yet moved up; in fact, it has dipped a little as stretched investment funds have sold whatever they can to raise cash and reduce their margin calls.

Nor can any serious comment on the gathering storm fail to remark on the apparent "flight to quality" which on Monday last week saw US Treasury bonds put in their strongest day since Black Monday 1987.

US Treasury bonds are part of the fast-growing and utterly irredeemable $9 trillion public debt now outstanding in the United States. The US trade deficit was also on record-breaking form again last month. Only a few short weeks ago these dreadful statistics drove the US Dollar to record lows against a basket of major world currencies.

Only a lack of imagination would allow investors to think suddenly of the US Dollar as today's "quality" refuge. Any respite for the Dollar will surely be temporary; indeed, the bounce we saw during the sharpest stock-market losses so far may have simply been short-covering by Dollar bears (of which there are plenty) rather than fresh buying of “quality”.

Everything that has just happened in fact makes things worse for the US currency.

from "The Gathering Storm" by Paul Tustain


"Policital scare tactics"

The leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada last week downplayed critics' fears that they are seeking to create a North American Union. Wimps! Instead of being defensive, they should have called for much greater economic integration.

An unusual mixture of ultra-conservative anti-immigration groups and leftist anti-free trade organizations had sent out alarm bells through the Internet that the three presidents were about to merge the three countries into a single North American Union, and to create a single currency, the "Amero." [...]

The John Birch Society Web site has claimed that "one of the (SPP's) first orders of business will be a borderless North America -- spelling the end of our nation's independence."

"This is, no matter what anyone tells you, a very serious and unprecedented challenge to the sovereignty of this nation," CNN's fear-monger- in-chief Lou Dobbs told his audience with characteristic anxiety April 4.

Asked about the three leaders' reaction to this hysteria, American University's Center for North American studies director Robert Pastor told me: "By their silence and defensiveness, the presidents have allowed the relationship to be defined by an extremist fringe that fears any co-operative initiative will lead to the dissolution of sovereignty. The leaders were too timid."

(Source: The Modesto Bee)


The United Three Amigos

Some of the folks who gave President Bush a country lickin' on his immigration "reform" are spoiling for another round with him.

The reason why is on display at the "Three Amigos" summit in Canada.

Twenty-one Republicans and one Democrat have written to President Bush to tell him of "serious and growing concerns" in Congress about the "so-called" Security and Prosperity Partnership, and the House has adopted legislation barring U.S. transportation officials from even participating in meetings of the partnership.

The congressmen mostly seem miffed that the White House is undertaking far-reaching agreements with Canada and Mexico without telling them about it. The conservative skeptics say these agreements chip away national sovereignty — that the aim is to establish a North American Union, like the European Union, with unelected bureaucrats empowered to form a super-government to dispossess everyone but the elites. The liberal skeptics argue that "the super-government" would be a tool of the multinational corporations, eager to drive down wages and make wetbacks of everyone without a corporation big enough to plunder cheap labor.

The Mexican government, eager to export penniless Mexicans, is the most enthusiastic about the partnership and the billions of expected yankee dollars. Just two days after his election in 2000, Vicente Fox talked of his vision of a North American common market, a customs union, a common tariff, joint monetary policy and the "free flow of labor" across borders. It's difficult to imagine what Mr. Fox calls a "free flow" of labor if what we've had for decades hasn't satisfied him.

A few months later, Mr. Fox showed up in Washington with an even bigger begging bowl, challenging Mr. Bush to develop a plan to legalize "all Mexicans in the United States" by the end of the year. George W. certainly tried. He's still nursing the bruises.

The White House felt it necessary to dispatch an unnamed senior official as the Canadian summit opened to describe as "silly" the notion of a North American Union, or a common currency. But there's always somebody, senior official or not, who doesn't get the word. Promoters of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, chief among them Robert Pastor, a professor who worked in the Carter administration and has advised Democratic presidential candidates since, have already named the currency — the "amero" — they expect to one day find in the well-picked pockets of Americans.

Source: WashingtonTimes.com

North American Union Incs.

The protesters outside the resort's gate, Opposition party critics and various interests from both the left and right wing of the political spectrum have all gathered to condemn the gathering and SPP partnership as everything from undemocratic to a move toward a North American union and a common currency called the Amero.

One of the most contentious issues is an exclusive advisory board of CEOs from some of each country's largest corporations, including Wal-Mart, Home Depot Canada and Lockheed Martin, which will meet with the three leaders this morning.

However, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters president Jayson Myers said the partnership is essential in ensuring that cross-border trade can continue to fuel the economy.

"The borders, both as security and making sure they work efficiently, have to be a mainstay of North American competitiveness," said Myers.

While the most vocal criticisms north of the border have come from the more left-leaning parties, environmentalists and social groups, a conservative coalition from the U.S. visited Ottawa to warn against the SPP.

A Republican congressman, a U.S. veterans' group and singer Pat Boone all issued statements condemning the move toward more open U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico.

"We wish our neighbours no harm, but their problems are for them to solve, as ours are for us," Boone's statement declared. "And that's the way it should be."


One of the central complaints among critics of this week's North American Leaders' Summit is that a group of elite corporate leaders is issuing a list of recommendations directly to the three nations' leaders.

Here are some of the companies whose CEOs are part of the 30-person North American Competitiveness Council:


- Canadian Council of Chief Executives (Secretariat)

- CN

- Ganong Bros.

- Home Depot Canada

- Linamar Corporation

- Manulife Financial

- Scotiabank

- Suncor Energy


- ArcelorMittal

- Campbell's Soup

- FedEx

- Kansas City Southern

- Lockheed Martin

- NBC Universal

- Procter & Gamble


- U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Secretariat)

- Wal-Mart


- Consejo Coordinador Empresarial

- Confederacion de Camaras Industriales

- Consejo Mexicano de Comercio Exterior

- Consejo Nacional Agropecuario

- Centro de Estudios Economicos del Sector Privado

- Tubos de Acero de Mexico

- Avicar de Occidente

- Instituto Mexicano para la Competitivad

- Consejo Empresarial Mexicano de Domercio Exterior

- IMCO (Secretariat)

Source: WinnipegSun.com


"...this grim Orwellian future."

Fresh YouTube video on:

The Dangers of the "North American Union"

This Conservative Roundtable interview of Jerome Corsi by Howard Phillips reveals how behind closed doors, the Bush administration has ... all » collaborated with the governments of Mexico and Canada to merge the three nations into one Socialist mega-state: the "North American Union", also known as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). Freedom and our Constitution will have no place in this grim Orwellian future. The Dollar will be scrapped for the "Amero". There will be no First Amendment and no limit on the power of government. One of the prime architects of the NAU, Robert Pastor, has discussed the use of another 9/11 crisis to force through the merger--in other words, you and even Congress won't even have a voice in the Bush-led surrender of our country--unless we all act NOW to have Congress outlaw any Presidential actions which would lead to such a merger of our nations in any way. Canadian citizens would lose their independence to their southern neighbors under the NAU. America's former borders would be wide open to drug smuggling and terrorists. Mexico would become empty as all citizens by right could move to the U.S. or Canada. Leaders in both major U.S. parties are determined to wipe out your freedom, unless you act now. Howard Phillips is the Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, America's Constitutional Government action organization. Your assistance is invited.

Mainstream Media Opinion

Bet your bottom amero that U.S. sovereignty is safe

The John Birch Society staked out some turf in downtown Seattle last Saturday, holding flags and carrying signs. The signs read, "Preserve the Traditional Farm," "Stop Benefits to Illegal Aliens," "Keep America Sovereign" — and a curious one, a slash through the initials "NAU."

[...] The U.S. government has a Web site, www.spp.gov, in which it says that "in no way, shape or form" does it plan "the creation of a European Union-like structure" in North America. That appears to be so — but denials don't matter to a certain type of mind, which assumes that appearances are false and truth is concealed.

[...] The Birchers might have an argument if they said NAFTA could, over a long time, prepare the American mind for continental government. It would be something to think about. But it would not be potent enough to bring out protesters on a Saturday afternoon.

So they overreach. They warn of such fantasies as the replacement of the U.S. dollar by a new currency called the amero. No politician proposes this. A professor of economics at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver published "The Case for the Amero" in 1999. But it was one book, and the Canadian dollar was below 70 cents at the time. The loonie has since revived, and the Canadians are not about to discard it.

Sovereignty, for the moment, is safe.

Source: Seattle Times


North American Union Networking

Bush Seeks to Boost Canada, Mexico Ties

OTTAWA (AP) - President Bush, tending to relations with two border nations, will try to give a boost Monday to his partnerships with the like-minded leaders of Canada and Mexico.
Bush's two-day summit with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon is the third of its kind during his presidency. Each one has been meant to bolster an evolving compact - dubbed the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America - that serves as a way for the nations to team up on health, security and commerce.
Yet for Bush, the event also allows him to show he does not take his neighbors for granted; they are both vital trading partners and energy providers for the U.S.
"The message for Canada and Mexico is that despite the ongoing emphasis on Iraq and terrorism in U.S. foreign policy ... the U.S. is investing time and attention on relationships with our own region," said Chris Sands, a scholar of North American studies and senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
The partnership of the countries is a framework for working out problems - not a deal that was ever intended to produce dramatic announcements. None are expected at the summit.

> My Way News

Amero coins: Born in the UNA!

A great illustration of what Robert Anton Wilson called Chapel Perilous. When investigating conspiracy theories it is very easy to be led down a trail that eventually leads your head up your own arse. Here's an example of someone getting all heated up about the North American Union. Ranting about the release of coins, below you'll see that they are "fantasy" coins. Maybe they are or maybe they aren't, who knows!? The trick is to research things yourself and never believe something just because you read about it, be that online or in a book, or even in your old History school books! [...] apparently it's all a hoax, well the part about the coins anyway. There are lots and LOTS of noises about the NAU and it wouldn't suprise me if it's on the cards. But unresearched bellicose articles like this simply serve to discredit the conspiracy movement. People really should do a bit more research but I guess some just can't resist spouting off. Then again maybe the story below is a plant, but I don't think so. I do believe the Amero is coming but I don't think the Illuminated ones are that stupid as to allow the designs of the coins to be seen before it actually happens!

> codshit.com

The coins could be a hoax. But that does not explain away the images that have all the hallmarks of typically illuminati symbolism. Someone on the street would not come-up with that! Whether is a hoax of not - the Americion Union is no hoax! It will evolve out of NAFTA - that's why NAFTA was created. [...] However, my own instincts tell me that Hal Turner giving this stuff out is itself a big red flag. Not so much a hoax but for other manipulative reasons.

It's a great idea. The U.S. Economy is going to shit and what better than to consolidate so we can continue to be one of the elite world powers. Who cares if there's 'Illuminati' symbolism on it, it's on our money anyways and has been on all types of money for years!!! It's not like some secret plot they're trying to hide. They are putting it up front and in our faces. I don't see what the big deal is. You guys keep complaining that they're gonna take over the world and control everything anyways.......why are you surprised?

So using the Amero to rectify a sick US economy is a good idea? Is this not like taking asprin for a headache, it will take away the pain, but not cure the ailment? IMO fixing the rigged, underhanded farce that is the Federal Reserve is a much better solution. Just because it's always been this way, doesn't make it right. Are you that patriotic that you swallow everything your told?

> davidicke's forum

I have no expert opinion as to whether Carr’s coins, minted prior to any official formation of a North American Union, will appreciate in value. In my amateur opinion, however, I think numismatists of the future will pay handsome prices for the pre-NAU coins — if, that is, the globalist crowd gets its way and the NAU actually materializes.

> BobMcCarty.Wordpress

It's coming. And again, the timing should not be ignored. What better way to introduce the idea of a new, unified currency that could compete with the Euro, than allow our dollar to collapse in plain view, to the horror of the average consumer? Take note that protests against the meeting will not be allowed, they are meeting in total secrecy and seclusion a la Bilderburg, which also met there in 1983, and they even plan a 25 kilometer security radius to avoid such threats. Attending along with Presidents Bush, Calderon of Mexico, and Prime Minister Harper of Canada, will be several members of the CSIS who are also members of Bilderburg, the Trilateral Commission, and the CFR, including Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Oh, yeah. Those guys.

> Surfing the Tao

Pictures of the supposedly designed and coined “Amero” have been making their rounds on the internet lately, causing a stir among those aware of real proposals for a common currency between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It seems as though certain individuals have picked up on this design and propagated the idea that it is a legitimate and official design of the Amero currency to be distributed en masse. [...] Don’t be fooled by this hoax. At the same time, it is important to realize that proposals for a common currency for North America are well documented.

> NoWorldSystem.com

At least these AMERO coins aren’t so terrible looking. I remember when in the mid-1980’s, local “artists” in Europe would do their own mock ups of the “Euro” only then it was called the ECU. In a truly free market we would NOT be afraid of the AMERO, consumers and merchants could freely choose to use the AMERO or to use other currencies. Heck, some of these novelty coins are made of silver! I wouldn’t pay $37.00 for an ounce, but then again I’ve paid more for Outback or Texas Roadhouse.

> Zaphod for President

When the U.S. currency collapses, it will take with it, both the Canadian dollar and Mexican Peso because both countries are so heavily invested in the U.S. dollar through trade with the US.
During such a collapse, when hundreds of millions of average citizens face absolute destitution because their currencies have been wiped out, these Conspirators will turn to 'The People" of each nation and say "your only hope is to merge all three countries and make a new start."
The thinking is that the populations will rush to embrace the merger and forget all about our individual history, rights and systems. In one fell swoop, the Conspirators will clobber us into absolute despotism and we will be helpless to do anything because our money will have become worthless!
While you're gasping for air at this, did you happen to notice the DATES on these coins? 2007
Gee whiz, this plan seems awfully far along. I guess this means the collapse will be this year? Maybe that's why the housing market was allowed to "tank?" Maybe that's why the Stock Markets are dropping hundreds of points per day lately? Maybe this is why oil has increased in price. . . . because the oil nations already know they're going to take a bath on the currency change when they have to exchange "Dollars" they're already holding which will be worth only "pennies" on the "Amero?"
Are you starting to grasp why so many things are going wrong lately? Does a lot of it start to make sense when put in the context of wiping out currencies in the name of globalization?
This is betrayal folks! Betrayal by our highest elected officials! Deliberate, intentional despicable deceit!
This is EVIL treachery on a massive scale.
Additional details are starting to come out and more information will be posted as it becomes available!!! Check back often.
If you're wanting to know some of the hows and whys of what this Country is experiencing, I STRONGLY recommend checking this out: http://www.pacinlaw.org/index/red_amendment.php
Remember this statement:
"When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the government [or the IRS, for that matter], you have Tyranny." (Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States)

> "What is money and where does it really come from?" MySpace Blog


Amero Banknotes & Amero Coins

Apparently, there is a market for private-issue fantasy pattern Amero coins and banknotes -- just another bullshit product nobody needs. -- .999 Silver!

Amero Coins

Amero Coins

Amero Coins

Props goes to OldThinkerNews' Daniel Taylor: "Pictures of the supposedly designed and coined "Amero" have been making their rounds on the internet lately, causing a stir among those aware of real proposals for a common currency between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It seems as though certain individuals have picked up on this design and propagated the idea that it is a legitimate and official design of the Amero currency to be distributed en masse. Further research reveals that the design comes from a known parody coin designer named Daniel Carr, and is a collectable, fantasy pattern."

"Truthfully, I prefer the Union of North America, because then you end up with U.N.A. and you can say 'UNA,' whereas you can't really say 'NAU' in a word." ~Daniel Carr

Not sure who's behind these Amero banknotes, though.
Amero Banknotes


...to be eliminated

"The only real reason for gold to go higher is if investors feel that it will hold its value better than other forms of money. For instance, if you lived in Zimbabwe today and were offered an ounce of gold or a brown paper bag of rapidly depreciating Zimbabwean dollars, what would you take? (Hint: take the gold; inflation in Zimbabwe is so bad that a roll of toilet paper now costs over $200,000.)
But the world doesn’t trade off the back of the Zimbabwean currency unit. That honor belongs to the U.S. dollar which, as you are no doubt aware, has evolved into the de facto reserve asset of virtually every central bank in the world today.
That the unbacked currency of one country is now the core holding of all the countries in the world is unprecedented in the history of the world.


[...] Monster chickens, the product of decades of proliferate spending, will eventually come home to roost on a shaky house of cards. The monetary crisis that will follow will eliminate the U.S. dollar as a serious competitor to gold… the only asset that has withstood the test of time as money. And we are not talking decades, but millennia." ~David Galland

Read the whole article: "Lessons from History: The Simple Path to Resource Riches" and say NO to U.S. Dollars and YES to real value, i.e., the gold and silver currency!

"It shames the stench of rancid meat"

At this point in time, one has to consider the efforts of good, decent Americans over the past 90 some years regarding the income tax and where we are today with the inescapable fact that (1) the dollar may not survive; (2) foreign countries own our debt and don't want any more; (3) Congress and Bush are not going to stop what's coming when that first wave of baby boomers begin retiring next year; (4) Congress will do nothing about the IRS because they need it or an alternative scheme; (5) the courts are so rotten and corrupt, only a miracle will save you anymore on an IRS case and the big one (6) the North American Union/SPP and a push for something called the Amero. Let me add the ten ton elephant which is going to break the back of this government and economy: the incalculable price tag of our aging population and medical care. I've written about these issues before while Congress simply continues ignores this ten ton elephant standing in the middle of the room. At some point, the IRS becomes useless because there isn't enough money in the universe to pay these debts. At some point printing up even more worthless Federal Reserve "Notes" will also run its course to stave off the inevitable.

"Taxation follows public debt, and in its train wretchedness and oppression." ~Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kerchival, Monticello, 1816


Gold Conspiracy: "to keep the dollar as the world’s reserve currency"

... till 2010!?

Contingency plan to keep the dollar as the world’s reserve currency

How? Why, it has been publicly suggested by some analysts that Barrick is a front. It is not a profit-seeking business. As such, it is used by the U.S. in order to cap the gold price. According to this view the strength of the dollar is that it has only one viable alternative as a global currency: gold. Therefore, if the U.S. wants to keep its enormously profitable privilege to issue the world’s global currency, it has only to cap the gold price. Conversely, if the U.S. failed to do it, sooner or later the rising gold price would lead to an ignominious collapse of the dollar, by far the worst currency debacle in world history. It would be the height of naivité to believe that the U.S. would idly stand by watching monetary events to unfold, doing nothing, regardless how daunting the task of stopping the gold train in its track may be.

I want to make it clear that this is not my view. I haven’t bought into the conspiracy theory. At least not yet, but I think soon enough I shall know for sure. Newmont’s coup may reveal that the Emperor has no clothes. We have to wait and see what Barrick’s response will be. It is still possible that Barrick will throw in the towel and follow the lead of Newmont. Just watch the spread between the two stocks.

Be that as it may, the question arises naturally what the best procedure to cap the gold price may be from the point of view of the U.S. Obviously it would be self-defeating for the U.S. overtly to put the remnant of its gold reserves to risk in an effort to pacify surging demand. The ploy of the U.S. twisting the arms of other countries to sell their gold reserves, while retaining its, has been exploited for whatever it is worth. As the U.S. was preaching water while drinking wine, it was not very persuasive in the first place. A more intelligent and more promising strategy is to find a gold mining firm that would covertly put its unmined gold reserves to risk in support of the dollar. If a gold mine could convince the world that its unlimited forward sales program, promoted as an honest-to-goodness hedge plan, could attract imitators, then the fraud might never be exposed, and chances were that it could be perpetuated. The regime of the irredeemable dollar, like the Third Reich, could claim that it would last „a thousand years”.

So it is at least a plausible assumption that the U.S. has enlisted Barrick to come out with its so-called hedge-plan to fool the world. Here is the deal: the U.S. would covertly underwrite the potentially unlimited losses of Barrick in exchange for its complicity in the scheme of capping the price of gold. As an incentive, Barrick would be given the green light to gobble up its weaker brethren to become the world’s largest gold producer. Neat, isn’t it? Yes, if you bypass the ethical problem that the betrayal of shareholder trust on the global scale would be unprecedented in the annals of business. However, that problem could be managed by an ironclad stonewalling of the arrangement to guarantee secrecy.

(Source: Goldseek.com, by A. E. Fekete)

"Internet Hunting Shows the Awful Truth about North American Union"

While the Humane Society trumpeted its spectacular “success” in this important effort, the National Rifle Association maintained a more balanced perspective in explaining its proud support for the internet hunting bans. “We were happy to do it,” said Rod Harder, NRA lobbyist in Oregon. “It’s pretty easy to outlaw something that doesn’t exist.” With that model in mind, all legislators and governors, all Senators and Congressmen on the federal level, should vote quickly to support current efforts to ban or block the dreaded “North American Union” which allegedly threatens to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Since no office-holder of any political persuasion has ever advocated this “pre-meditated merger,” politicians should be able to dispense with this dire non-threat just about as easily as they fended off the menace of internet hunting. Of course, our elected representatives may look a bit silly wasting their legislative energy trying to counteract a plan that no one supports, but no sillier, certainly, than the pompous and paranoid media demagogues (Lou Dobbs most prominent among them) who decry this vast conspiracy every day.

On August 5, for example, WorldNutDaily, the once-reputable website that now positions itself as the last line of defense against all-powerful plots against our sovereignty, even managed to connect fears of a North American Union to the tragic bridge disaster in Minneapolis. “NAFTA Superhighway Traffic Tied to Bridge Collapse,” proclaimed the headline---without informing readers that the dreaded Superhighway doesn’t exist in Minnesota, or anywhere else beyond the feverish fantasies of conspiracists.

In the face of such heavy-breathing scare stories, legislators in several dozen states and even some members of Congress (including the benighted Virgil Goode of Virginia) have already introduced resolutions to derail the North American Union before it’s too late--- just as some of the same valiant defenders of sanity and decency fought off the horrible menace of internet hunting.

Actually, I support such resolutions, as should even the most skeptical critics of the alarmist, NAU frenzy-- as should, for that matter, the President of the United States. We all back American sovereignty, don’t we? Anyone honestly desire to replace the greenback dollars with a sketchy (and presumably tan-colored) invention known (to paranoid loon-dogs) as “the Amero”? When legislatures and Congress vote unanimously, or by margins exceeding 100 to 1, against melding the USA with our Mexican and Canadian neighbors, then perhaps some of our terrified fellow citizens will be able to sleep soundly again – and focus on the nation’s persistent problems and present threats.

Democrats, for instance, want to socialize medicine, raise taxes, weaken our military, restructure the family, and create vast new cradle-to-grave entitlements. Conservatives and patriots ought to concentrate on defeating these open and ongoing efforts rather than shadow-boxing against phantoms like the North American Union and the Monster Superhighway.

by Michael Medvedby > Townhall.com


Kiss sovereignty good-bye!

It is critical to note, the information presented on this site is not conspiracy theory, shock journalism or speculation. The SPP is an international work-in-progress that the U.S. State Department and Department of Commerce have embarked on without the consent or oversight of the U.S. Senate or Congress.

Speculation and subjectivity related to the facts presented will be restricted to the associated blog, on this site. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

The citizens of the United States must awaken to the impending reality that our sovereign nation is being assimilated by an unconstitutional union--a union with two socialist nations. As the data converge, many unexplained phenomenon, such as the mystery of unenforced immigration laws and the "Trans-Texas" international corridor, will illuminate.

[...] These are the words of a Canadian advocate for the creation of a new currency for North American countries. His theories seem to lead the pack of similar philosophers and economists.

In a foreword for Grubel's study on the prospect, Gordon Gibson characterizes the situation as such:

"Most fundamentally however, Mr. Grubel makes the sensible observation that "sovereignty is not infinitely valuable." Every nation in the world, even the mighty United States, has traded off elements of sovereignty to multi-national associations such as the WTO, NAFTA, and the United Nations. Canada has been in the forefront of encouraging every such development--a natural policy for a middle power."

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Mr. Lindsay Williams speaks...

Lindsey Williams, author of "Energy Non-Crisis" explains, in detail (on GoldSeek radio), the plans for the North American Union, the Amero, the planned collapse of the US dollar, and elaborates on the enormous oil deposits in northern Alaska. How does this all play together? The World Bank, the IMF, the illuminati/elitists, have a comprehensive plan that has been decades in the making... we are in the final stretch of America's destiny.. Mr. Williams agrees that the plans for the Amero are expected to be complete by 2010.. this is the end of the United States of America... put it all together, and use this audio clip as but one piece. Think!

The next EU -- comparing the facts:

The European Union (EU) began as a Coal and Steel Free Trade Agreement in 1951.
The NAU began as NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994.

Then the EU morphed into the European Economic Community (EEC).
Before the U.S. Congress, CFR member Dr. Robert Pastor calls for a North American Community.

Once the EEC became established, it then morphed into the Common Market.
Now that NAFTA is established, it has morphed into the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

Britain joined the so called 'Common Market' in January, 1973 which then morphed into the European Union (EU).

The Security and Prosperity Partnership, begun in March 2004, is morphing into the North American Union (NAU).

The EU already has a single currency called the Euro.
The plan is for our combined currency to be called the Amero.

The EU's UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE 'leaders,' are an elite plutocracy, who 'answer' to NO ONE!

Source: StopTheNorthAmericanUnion.com

Welcome to Mexamericanada!

Your tax Dollars at work…..

.COM, .NET, .ORG: "The World Banks on US" Dollars


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Bloggers on the Amero

You think we have a homeless problem now? Wait until this really gets rolling. In a couple years, you will see mid-level businessmen in suits, who lost it all, lining the streets of America holding signs, just like the Great Depression. You will see China dumping US treasuries and it is going to hurt us more than anyone else in the world. The EU will pull through it because the Euro is partially backed by real money, but the fiat Dollar will just crumble into near worthlessness. It’s all by design but it doesn’t have to happen that way. If Ron Paul is elected, he will stop the corrupt globalist forces who have been deliberately plunging the economy as a pretext for the North American Union and the Amero slated to be implemented by 2010 according to the den of CFR traitors.
> AftermathNews

If President Bush had run openly in 2004 on the proposition that a prime objective of his second term was to form the North American Union and to supplant the dollar with the "Amero," we doubt very much that President Bush would have carried Ohio, let alone half of the Red State majority he needed to win re-election. Pursuing any plan that would legalize the conservatively estimated 12 million illegal aliens now in the United States could well spell election disaster for the Republican Party...
> MySpace blogger "Stash"

North American Union. The Amero. Do those two phrases make you want to hang someone for treason?
They should. And this is why vigilante groups shall be formed with one purpose alone- to murder those that brought us to this untimely end as a nation. Democracy requires a vote. While you were sleeping your murderous dictator "president" terrorist piece of shit has sold america out from under you- with no vote.. just an asshole with a special interest to fuck america brutally in the ass. Canada, Mexico and The USA will cease to exist and it will become one big international bankers wet dream- a union of all 3 countries in a union. This union will later be assimilated into the other unions- asian, european, and whatever else- to make the new world order. Tin Foil Hat??? NIGGA PLEASE!!! READ THE FACTS B1TCHES!
> Rupert's MySpace Blog

As a line in the above National Ledger article reads, “Our currency will be replaced with the “Amero.” And, we’ll be one giant step closer to the U.N.’s perverse dream of a one-world government.” Whether or not there is any truth that some individuals or groups would like to economically or politically unify Canada, Mexico, and the United States, the peripheral alarm regarding the replacement of the Dollar with a currency named the “Amero” is worth exploring. The first thing that jumps out at me is the expression, “Our currency….” That is an interesting choice of words. This phrase implies that the currency of the Federal Reserve System is ours, yet, somehow the Amero currency of the North American Union would not be ours and therefore be objectionable. The second thing that jumps out at me is the expression, “…will be replaced…;” My choice of words would have been, “has been replaced.” Let’s hypothesize that Federal Reserve System currency is already not ours. Let’s hypothesize that our currency has long since been replaced. Here is how it was done. THIS WAS OUR CURRENCY. Figure 1 is a picture of what certainly used to be our currency, our current coin, before it was switched with Federal Reserve debt. Below is ONE DOLLAR of silver.
> salonesoterica.wordpress.com

Our president wants to merge us with canada and mexico wich overdoes the free and liberty and out independence I think it is fucking bullshit if you ask me how free we arent that no one realizes. They are doing stuff and they are not even asking the american ppl that just says we arent free we should have a say. We are falling and ppl dont see it. We are trying to make a new currencey called the amero dollar.
> MySpace blogger Ryan

Secret plans aside, calling the “Amero” would have to be the gayest name ever.
Not sure that they were exactly thinking about the sexual preference of the money when they were making plans to destroy the sovereignty of the United States.
> Houston911Truth.org (Comments)

"The following is a combination of fact and my own personal opinion.
The Mexican, Canadian, and American government wants to form a North American Union. What that means is the borders between Canada, Mexico, and the U.S will have one curracy called the Amero, the borders between these countries will be gone, and we will all be under one law. That ultimately means is that the constiution will be invalid. If the North American Union forms, it will eventually emerge with the European, Asian, and African Unions to form a world union. If this world is under one government law, we could all be under a dictatorship, and every country could be under martial law.
Ok, maybe the concept of the world being under a dictatorship is far fetched, but the formation of the North American Union is more than likely. However, the citizens of Canada, The U.S, and Mexio can stand up and stop this from happening, but that's only if we want to."
> Mr. J

Also a second show out of "Historic Kingston" to the AM crowd
1490 w...something. With rambling yet informative Dr. Corsi on opening the trade borders and merging Canada the U.s.A. and Mexico to form the "Amero".
> My Spacer Blogger Shabbat

The boom and bust cycle is a manufactured phenomenon, and it is extreemly profitable, almost as profitable as war. We the people don't really need to have a bank make the money and loan it to us, we could do that our selves and cut out the middle man. This is one of the reasons to have a government, to print money. We used to print our own money. But rich guys start to get worried about the new up and comers and they set to work to get a piece of the cash. They tried quite a few times to install a central bank but didn't actually succeed until 1933 when a very short staffed congress voted for the creation of the Federal Reserve.
What the Federal Reserve does with that power is thus. They stand at the spigot and divvy out as much money as they possibly can. They encourage bad lending and print more money than would actually be needed to operate a stable economy. Spurred on by this gratuitous supply of money, the trickle down effect quickly has the country spending more and saving less. Reassurance of a bright future are always given despite any evidence to the contrary. This continues until the very last second when every one has stretched their debt as far as they can go, and they close the spigot. Suddenly there isn't enough money to go around and people start panicking because they have gotten them selves in over there head with debt and can't loan more to cover it. They are forced to sell their property to try and cover their loss. But if everybody is trying to sell then the price is driven down by desperation. If they can not sell the bank repo's the house and you lose everything. This is called foreclosure. If the bank goes into foreclose then the bigger bank from which it got it's loans would repo it. This would continue up the chain until you find the Federal Reserve. Except the Federal Reserve didn't get the money on loan, they printed it. In short, if everyone foreclosed tomorrow, then the Federal Reserve would get everything and would have paid nothing for it.
Foreclosure isn't the only benefit a crash provides for the richest 1%. People who just lost their house are desperate for work and will work for less. This drives wages down. Low cost wages attract business. This is the china model. China makes everything because they have the cheapest wages. This is the driving force for out-sourcing. A big economic crash would drive wages down and bring back some of that business. And in fact that is the plan. It has always been the plan. 1929, 1987, and even 2001 were all orchestrated financial crisis for the benefit of big business. The technology stock bubble burst in 2001 and would have been a lot worse if hadn't happened on 9-11. Most of the computers holding stock market data were lost in the rubble. I am sure you remember how business slumped and prices increased that year. Rich people made a lot of money and they will again. This time, however, there is a bigger motive than just making money and that is Control. This next crash, which will most likely be the biggest, will see the crumbling of the dollar into dust. This will set the stage for the North American Union.
The North American Union is the dissolving boarders between Canada, Mexico and the U.S in to one big country. This is similar to the European Union. We will have our own currency and it is call the Amero. I have heard that it has been printed already. NAFTA, CAFTA and the FTAA are all agreements designed to work this plan into action.
So what should you do?
Educate your self. READ. READ. READ. Come to a conclusion and act on it. Here are some other suggestions. Get out of the Market, Get out of Debt, Get a Gun, Get a fuel efficient car, better yet ride a Bike. If you have money, turn it into something that can't depreciate like gold and barrels of rice and water.
Last... Vote for Ron Paul. He is the only candidate telling the truth and he is the only candidate who is Anti-War.
> http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=35946919

All signs indicate that the bankers are going to collapse the American Currency and create a great depression like no other…
When the currency collapses the bankers loose nothing..they well just replace their American currency with the new one they create…Have you noticed that all the so called Democracies the American Empire has spread all over the world have ‘F[ractional] Reserve Banking systems?
> Worpress blogger danieltowsey

Ultimate Seduction
You've been seduced!!!
North American Union=Amero=Verichip = New World Order =Illuminati
Watch all the videos....Puzzle Complete!!!
----Jesus is Coming Soon----
> MySpace blogger Luz

September 2006, some of North America's powerful political, business and military leaders secretly congregated at Banff hotel in Alberta for three days to hammer out the details on how to create a North American superstate [1]. The only media representative allowed to attend this North American forum was a reporter from the Wall Street Journal. No other media were told such meeting was taking place. The guest list included then-US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld [2], Newfy soldier Gen. Rick Hillier [3], United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM [4]) Commander Tim Keating [5], Canada's public safety minister Stockwell Day [6] and Lockheed Martin executive Ron Covais [7]. This secretive forum was hosted by Canadian Council of Chief Executives [8] (a group of Canada's richest 150 CEOs), the North American Forum involved some of most prominent figures in Canada, the US and Mexico. In addition to not letting anyone know about this freemasonic meeting, once it was publicized, these involved parties had refused to reveal what was even discussed.
However thanks to freedom-of-information requests obtained by Judicial Watch [9], a Washington-based legal watchdog, the forum's agenda shows the group was investigating at how they could integrate the three countries into a North American Union: a monolithic superstate that would function similar to the European Union without referendums, impeachments, elections or balance of power. Topics on the forum's program included: "A Vision for North America," "North America Energy Strategy," "Demographic and Social Dimensions of North American Integration," "Border Infrastructure," and "Opportunities for Security Cooperation."
Recognizing that the obvious controversy comes with secretly circumventing a country's sovereignty, the members of the North American Forum want to keep North American integration behind the back room of bureaucracy and far away from the public domain. The meeting's official agenda states that integration should be done as clandestinely as possible.
> takao47s Livejournal

Why is everyone so up in arms about this meeting and, secondly, why is this summit of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America being shrouded in secrecy?
Rumors persist that covert plans are being implemented by elements within the United States government to create what is being referred to as a North American Union or NAU. If true, and I urge my readers to research this matter themselves and draw their own conclusions as to the veracity of the rumors flying about, the very sovereignty of the United States of America may be on the verge of being usurped without any congressional oversight whatsoever - at least that we know of. An example of how far this plot may have progressed already, it is being suggested that a common currency to be used in the North American Union, similar to the European Union's euro, is already in the works and is to be called the 'amero.'
> RaptureAlert.com

North American Union/ Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP) (Signed March 23, 2005) –The SPP is a regulatory structure for implementing the legal matrix of the Depopulation policy in North America (Canada-USA-Mexico). SPP is now integrating monetary (the "Amero" common currency) and security regulations. A false flag state terror attack would activate the Depopulation legal matrix in Canada, Mexico and the USA under a USA central military government.
> MySpace Guy


Amero: What academics want?

The SPP [Security and Prosperity Parternship] is real, but it's a run-of-the-mill free-trade program along the lines of nafta. The idea for a single North American currency has been floated by academics, but that's it.

Source: Conspiracy Watch: The Amero

Conspiracy Watch reader Bill says it's more than just "hot air"

It's real: http://www.house.gov/goode/20070808.shtml
http://www.stopthenau.org/ http://www.jbs.org/nau

North American Har-money

Is any of this Union stuff really possible? According to Robert Pastor, “a leading intellectual force” in the move to create the North American Union, “a new 9/11 crisis could be the catalyst to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada.”

For all you conspiracy theorists, you need to learn that correlation does not determine causality. When someone says that all they need is a crisis to implement a change, that doesn’t mean they are conspiring to cause the crisis. It simply means that they are smart enough to know that crises always come along. Then, they just have to be conniving enough to spin the crisis to implement their agenda. The Patriot Act is a perfect example.

We will have another crisis; there are just too many crazies running around for any other scenario. When it hits, we’ll find out who is best poised to further their agenda. The North American Union has the kind of powerful backing to make it a very real possibility.

Source: North American Union: Not What Doctor Ordered by Rick Coddington


1LL3G4L Draft of The Amero Currency

If you haven't seen it, it's new to you ... and funny ... but not ha-ha ...

"The most dangerous conspiracy..."

"These are the conspiracies that are most dangerous, the ones that are ignored or overlooked the way the brown recluse spider can hide in plain sight and be mistaken for a common house spider.

Such conspiracies are not always successful, of course, but they have a much better chance of success than those that are taken seriously by the authorities. A few simple examples are the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the Bolshevik Revolution.

I’m not sure if we are in the midst of such a conspiracy today or not, but it seems that there are only two explanations for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America — one is stupidity and the other is conspiracy. That veil of stupidity, of course, is the perfect cover to make an actual conspiracy a success, so in a well-planned conspiracy it could actually be part of the plot.

If you don’t know what the Security and Prosperity Partnership is, welcome to the crowd. Most people have never heard of it, even though it is clearly the framework by which three countries — the United States, Mexico and Canada — could give up their sovereignty in order to band together in some kind of new North American Union." -Frank Miele

Whole article: Silly conspiracy may just be most dangerous kind

F Canada Independence

Gilles Duceppe indeed does not support a Quebec dollar as a part of a plan toward the national independence of Quebec. Instead, Mr. Duceppe and his colleagues, as a collaborators reminiscent of the elites of Vichy France who colluded with the Nazis during World War II, quietly endorse the adoption of a new American currency in Quebec called the "Amero".

Gilles Duceppe's Bloc Quebecois and the Parti Québécois no longer support Quebec independence

Amero = New Bill of Rights?

In his new book, "The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger With Mexico and Canada," Corsi weaves a sprawling theory in which multinational companies, the Bush administration, the Council on Foreign Relations, Democratic-leaning college professors and the governments of Mexico and Canada, among others, are all working -- not necessarily together, but in harmony -- to create a "North American Union." This NAU, Corsi says, will be similar to the European Union, breaking down national boundaries, establishing a single North American currency and potentially even leading to a rewriting of the Bill of Rights. (Source: Salon.com)

Waehrend die Masse bei Amero-Geschnatter immer noch den Term "Verschwoerungstheorie" benutzt, creepen bereits die ersten Amero-Marketing Kampagnen im Cyberspace herum. U.a. auf GoldSeek.com wirbt ein Verein namens SwissPortfolios.com fuer eine goldene Zukunft: Amero Alternative!


IMAGINE... "North American Union" in Pictures

20061002_lgcover Namerican Union Got Sovereingty?

justsayno NorthAmericanUnion mexamcajpgthumbor7

North American Union 280906Union sheople

Plan fuer die Nordamerikanische Union: Herbst 2007

Eine NGO wird noch in diesem Jahr den Plan fuer eine North American Union dem U.S. Kongress vorstellen, meldet WorldNetDaily. Dieser Plan soll alle Benefits zeigen, die sich fuer die Finanzelite durch die politische und wirtschaftliche Fusion mit Mexiko und Kanada ergeben. Der Plan A (Final Report) soll bis 30. September 2007 den 3 Regierungen vorliegen.

"The free flow of people across national borders will undoubtedly continue throughout the world as well as in North America, as will the social, political and economic challenges that accompany this trend," says the report. "In order to remain competitive in the global economy, it is imperative for the twenty-first century North American labor market to possess the flexibility necessary to meet industrial labor demands on a transitional basis and in a way that responds to market forces.

~CSIS report, "North American Future 2025 Project."

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