NAU just a couple of years away

The next giant step toward world government will be integration of the U.S., Canada and Mexico in European Union-style merger in the next few years, says the author of a best-selling book on the power of shadowy international organizations promoting the move. [...]

"I would say [it's just] a couple of years away," reports Daniel Estulin, author of "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group."In his new book, Estulin reveals the first efforts in this plan date back to 1996 when the elite Bilderberg Group first discussed plans for the dismantlement of Canada as an independent nation and proposed its merger – minus Quebec – with the United States into a Greater North America.

"Actually, the North American Union, or rather a Canada-U.S. merger, was initially discussed shortly after the Reagan-Bush candidacy won the White House," he says in an interview with WND. "Upon taking over the reins of the country, George Bush and Ronald Reagan called in the presidents of the key trans-national companies and asked them for the real picture. The money people told them that if the United States were a corporation it would have to be shut down immediately. It was bankrupt."
The solution proposed then, according to Estulin, was merger between the U.S. and Canada.


क़ुइन्तेस्सेन्तिअल् quintessential paranoia

If you haven't heard about the NAU, that may be because its plotters have succeeded in keeping it secret. Or, more likely, because there is no such thing. [...] As fears of the mythical NAU grow, they appear to be subtly shaping more mainstream debates about immigration and trade. [...] The NAU may be the quintessential conspiracy theory for our time, according to scholars studying what the historian Richard Hofstadter famously called the "paranoid style" in American politics.

~Drake Bennett, Boston Globe


With conspiracy theories running rampant on the Web about a secret plan to create a North American Union with an "Amero" currency, the comment in a television interview sent chills down some spines. Economists say, however, that the idea of a regional currency for the United States, Canada and Mexico — however tantalizing for some in their ranks — is highly unlikely, primarily owing to domestic politics.

~Eunice Moscoso, Washington Times


While the income tax needs to be eliminated, the IRS needs to be abolished and the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution needs to be repealed, the Fair Tax legislation deals with these issues ineffectively and distracts people from the bigger problem.
Emblazoned across the top of our currency is "Federal Reserve Note." This paper is printed out of thin air, not being backed by gold or silver. One dollar today is worth four cents compared to one dollar in 1913, the year that Congress -- without the constitutional authority to do so -- created the Federal Reserve, our central bank. The "Fed" is a private bank run by unelected officials we cannot hold accountable.
Every penny of the federal income tax is used to pay our public debt, which topped $9 trillion for the first time this year. Debt ceilings have been extended time after time because the federal government is too big, does too much and spends more than it takes in. [...] Realize that the collapse of the dollar is all globalists need to merge Canada, the United States and Mexico into a North American Union, with the "Amero" as our common currency. Ron Paul wrote, "Only when the people demand the federal government stop trying to meet any and all demands, and instead return to a constitutionally limited republic, will the list of programs subject to waste, fraud and abuse be dramatically reduced."

~Vicki Simons, Augusta


The Boston Globe mocks Ron Paul and the idea that the US might be carrying out its ancient goal of annexing Canada and Mexico in the name of the North American Union, or foisting on us a new and even softer fiat currency called the Amero.
Of course, Ron Paul is right to call attention to this establishment scam.


A former Carter administration official writes a book and serves on a CFR working group about greater economic ties between the US, Canada, andv Mexico and talks about a common currency and people go apeshit. It was just an idea. Just because someone suggests a common currency between the NAFTA members doesn’t mean there is a plan to adopt one. [...]
To sum up the North American Union, it doesn’t exist outside of some books and the occasional think tank discussion. There is no plan to create one by the governments in North America. Now can we start discussing the real issues affecting this country and can we start defending our liberty against real threats, instead of making up phony threats.


Amero's favorite pastime suggests he's both patient and persistent. An avid fly-fisherman, his idea of a great vacation is a fishing trip with his family, including all four children, ages nine to 17. "You've got to be stubborn and lucky in fly-fishing," he says.

~Treasure Hunter, Barron's Online


Thanksgiving Reading

Dollar Collapse Silver StandardWe have often reported that since 8/15/71 it has been all down hill for the American economy. That is the date we left the Gold Standard. Since then there has been a decline in the purchasing power of the dollar. A decline that has forced a need for two incomes to replace the one income that was needed in 1970.

What has been in process during the last 37 years is the disappearance of our middle-class and the limited ability to reach middle-class status. Our fiat currency has brought us decline and will eventually bring us impoverishment. [...] The right man for our time, now, is Ron Paul. He can take the average American where we all want to go and that is to prosperity and freedom. In the process in our primaries we have to defeat every incumbent so we can get the refuse out of Congress. [...] We are headed toward another great depression and Americans are occupied with sports, movies and DVD’s, as well as totally managed news.

They are not concerned that millions of jobs have been lost to illegal aliens and that their college graduate children cannot get jobs because they have all been outsourced to other countries. [...] America has no pride left; it has become a nation of con men and crooks. Only the poor and habitual criminals end up in jail. [...] If we do not act soon and elect Ron Paul and defeat the incumbents in the primaries there won’t be anything Americans can be proud of, like our manufacturing, tool and die shops, steel mills, etc., which have long ago left our shores. America is asleep and it had better wake up soon.

~Bob Chapman, 21 Nov 2007

frito idiocracy camacho


The war on honest money

Most of you, as American citizens, are being robbed blind. [...] What is the root of the problem? Our money and the people who print and “manage” it do so for their own interests only. This system of money was designed to take from the unsuspecting. [...] The epicenter of current worldwide financial stress is the United States, but citizens around the globe are subject to similar abuses. There is no honest money to be found anywhere you look. The Liberty Dollar, an honest money endeavor, was just shut down by the U.S. government. [...] Honest and sound money protects the middle class, savers, and those on fixed incomes. These are the folks most in jeopardy during our present banking and monetary crisis. (by Dr. Russell McDougal)

Bilderberger Daily (aka The Washington Post) reports:

The lack of confidence that many Paul supporters have in U.S. currency may well be one reason why they are sending so many of their greenbacks to Paul's campaign, and thereby making his outsider libertarian bid for the Republican presidential nomination a force to be reckoned with. For sound-money supporters who fear a coming collapse in the value of the dollar, it makes eminent sense to send a few hundred dollars to the one candidate who is arguing for a monetary revolution, instead of simply watching that money rapidly crumble in value. [...] Norfed, which is based in Evansville, Ind., says that in the last decade it has put into circulation more than $20 million in "Liberty Dollars," metal medallions and paper certificates that it says are backed by silver and gold stored in Idaho. The group's founder and director, Bernard von NotHaus, says that federal agents seized more than 50,000 copper "Ron Paul Dollars" that the group was selling for $1, in addition to smaller amounts of silver Ron Paul Dollars that sold for $20, gold ones that went for $1,000 and platinum ones that went for $2,000.


Got Lopedos?

Forget Canada-U.S. currency exchange rates. We have this other perpetually irksome currency problem that requires attention - whether our dollar is below par, at par or above par. Regardless of the relative worth of the dollar, we lose plus-or-minus 4 cents off the top every time we convert one of them into U.S. funds. [...] Monetary unions have proven that every little country doesn't need its own currency - and, indeed, that many of these countries perform better when they join a neighbourhood currency. Canada, of course, isn't every little country.

We're a full member of the G8, the club that produces two-thirds of global GDP. We're definitely not El Salvador. But, really, so what? Three big-league countries of the G8 (Germany, France and Italy) are themselves euro countries. And Canada's extensive economic integration with the U.S. makes the need for some kind of bi-national currency obvious - and some form of interchangeable currency almost inevitable.

But dollarization, the option of last resort, would be intolerably embarrassing. Monetary union would be politically difficult - for the U.S. as much as for Canada. The hypothetical "amero," so detested by conspiracy theorists on both sides of the border, tilts linguistically to Mexico, which doesn't help; one reader of this column suggests "lopedos" (for loonie, peso and dollar) - but this formulation sounds too much like "Laredo," which celebrates either the oldest border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico or a popular brand of Jeep.

Source: ReportOnBusiness.com


Amero.AT (Austrian economics) = the most up-to-date Amero Watch Blog ... that brought you the highly relevant You Tube video:

(12,000+ views in 2 months!)

"The Amero coins may be fantasy, but the death of the US dollar is only a matter of time."

Anti-Amero Rally

Thousands of supporters - what Dr. Paul called "the largest rally he's seen yet" - braved the cold to support the congressman, who has proposed policy changes like eliminating the federal income tax and curbing government spending overseas.

"Foreign policy is where we can save hundreds of millions of dollars," he told a massive crowd that afternoon. "It is an economic crisis when we spend more than we have."

Big on constitutional rights and government restraint, Dr. Paul said there needs to be a mindset change with regard to national sovereignty, individual freedom and personal property rights. [...] If elected, Dr. Paul vowed to never raise taxes and favors a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy. In keeping with his defense of national sovereignty, he proposed withdrawing from the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

"There are plans for a North American Union and a NAFTA highway. We don't need these things or new currency called the Amero or a national identity card. What we need to do is defend the U.S. and let people run their own lives," he said.

Source: The Bulletin.us

Mein Amero - The North American Synthesis?

US Dollar >> Gold/Silver >> Amero?

The most successful method to manipulate and control society is the Hegelian Dialectic, named after its originator Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831). It has been used by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels to support their theory of communism. The dialectic process as described by Hegel can be reduced to three parts: a recursive pattern of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The thesis (each idea) is opposed by its antithesis and reconciled with the thesis in a synthesis (consensus), which in turn becomes a new thesis opposed by antithesis. Hegel said that history was nothing but the expression of this flux of conflicting and resolving ideas. Since every synthesis is the thesis of a new dialectic, social change is guaranteed. The process continues until society reaches the Absolute Idea: the ultimate synthesis, giving rise to no antithesis. In the context of this document, the "Absolute Idea" is world government.

The dialectic process is at the core of all political and social manipulation. 1 Fascism against communism; capitalism against communism; democrats against republicans; conservatives against liberals; Christians against Muslims; environmentalists versus property owners; greens against libertarians; pro-choice pitted against pro-life; antiwar activists versus the neocons. The control of the conflict and resolution leads everyone into a new cycle of conflicts. 2 The right-left political dichotomy of western politics is carefully orchestrated: a classic divide and conquer Hegelian trap. Whichever side of any particular ideology we happen to adhere, our beliefs and convictions fulfills a necessary role in the grand scheme. A perpetual recursion of constant change, becoming, ceasing, contradictory aspects of tension/conflict and eventual transformation. The beneficiaries of the "resolution of conflict" are properly identified as the Illuminati.

Source: ConspiracyArchive


The biggest heist in US history

Perhaps all the bad vibes have something to do with Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, appearing before the Joint Economic Committee last week and making a fool of himself, and, well, let's have Michael Nystrom, of BullNotBull.com, tell it.

First off, Mr. Nystrom notes that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was on the committee, and I think that he was, in effect, questioning the competence of Ben Bernanke to head the Federal Reserve, [...] Bernanke was hand-picked by the President, and damned near all the other people picked by Bush to do anything for the last seven years was either a laughable incompetent, a bloodthirsty fascist, a toadying sycophant or something else so corruptibly yucky, icky and terrifying that one shudders to contemplate the kind of people it took to develop the satanic Bush administration, which really angers me because these evil people are Republicans, and I am a Republican, and nowadays I am ashamed and embarrassed to be a Republican.

That is why I am voting for Ron Paul, a Republican, for President; he is the only candidate honorable enough, honest enough, smart enough, educated in economics enough and conversant enough with the Constitution to deserve the position, and who will hopefully restore honor, dignity and plain ol' smarts to the Republican Party and the office of the President of the United States, and I expect all real, trustworthy, Constitution-loving Americans else to vote for him, too, and if they don't, then I shall loath and detest them more than I loath and detest them now, which is considerable, to the point of seething hatred in some cases.

I took it from the look on his face that Mr. Nystrom is, like everyone else, predictably horrified at my rude hostility, and disappointed that I am again off the subject, which is about Bernanke testifying before Congress. He then quotes Hopefully-Soon-To-Be-President Paul saying, "they don't say inflate the currency, they don't say debase the currency, they don't say devalue the currency, they don't say cheat the people who save. They say, 'lower interest rates.' But I don't hear you say too often, 'The only way I can lower interest rates is to create more money.' So my question boils down to this: 'How can we expect to solve the problems of inflation…with more inflation?'" [...]

Apparently, everyone was needlessly distracted by my personal little "work experience" interruption, and so Ron Paul persisted, as quoted by Mr. Nystrom, by saying, "How can you pursue this policy that you have without further weakening the dollar? There's a dollar crisis out there, and people's money is being stolen! People who have saved, they're being robbed!"

Immediately, I jump up from the couch and shout at the television, "Yeah! Robbed! These stinking Federal Reserve crooks are helping the federal government steal us blind with their damned inflation!"

~The Mogambo Guru (TMG)


Greenbacks gone wild

Vote Ron Paul 2008"I put the U.S. economy up against any in the world in terms of competitiveness," says Henry Paulson. But this is the same man who said the United States was "strongly committed to a strong dollar." If the U.S. is strongly committed to a strong dollar, there is no evidence of it that we can see. A strong dollar would require a strong man at the Fed to raise rates. We don't think there is anyone that strong ready to take the job. Instead, U.S. financial policy has been in weak hands for many, many years. Deficits have been tolerated…excused…and then accepted. Now, "deficits don't matter," says Dick Cheney. The dollar has been allowed to float…free from any connection to the real world of real things. The world has been saturated in them…drenched in them…up to its neck in them. That is why the value of the dollar goes down; we see no one strong enough to reverse the policy.

Instead, government spending is out of control. The dollar is out of control. Debt is out of control. The trade balance is out of control. The Government Accounting Office says the IRS is out of control, too. [...] "I put the U.S. economy up against any in the world in terms of competitiveness," says Henry Paulson. But this is the same man who said the United States was "strongly committed to a strong dollar." If the U.S. is strongly committed to a strong dollar, there is no evidence of it that we can see. A strong dollar would require a strong man at the Fed to raise rates. We don't think there is anyone that strong ready to take the job. Instead, U.S. financial policy has been in weak hands for many, many years. Deficits have been tolerated…excused…and then accepted. Now, "deficits don't matter," says Dick Cheney. The dollar has been allowed to float…free from any connection to the real world of real things. The world has been saturated in them…drenched in them…up to its neck in them. That is why the value of the dollar goes down; we see no one strong enough to reverse the policy.

Instead, government spending is out of control. The dollar is out of control. Debt is out of control. The trade balance is out of control. The Government Accounting Office says the IRS is out of control, too.

~Bill Bonner, 13 Nov 2007


Economists vs. Ron Paul

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox predicted recently that all countries in the Americas would eventually have a common currency, much like the euro. With conspiracy theories running rampant on the Web about a secret plan to create a North American Union with an "Amero" currency, the comment in a TV interview sent chills through some conservative circles.

Economists say, however, that creating a regional currency for the United States, Canada and Mexico is highly unlikely, primarily due to domestic politics. Peter B. Kenen, a senior fellow for international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank based in New York, said it would never happen. Kenen, author of the upcoming book "Regional Monetary Integration," said a handful of economists have proposed a common currency for North America, but that most dismiss the notion. [...]
The academic discussion about North American integration has made its way to the political stage. Last month, a GOP presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, told a group of Evangelical Christians that the United States is working on eliminating its borders "with a North American Union" and "the introduction of an Amero currency."

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11 Nov 2007

Plan B in reserve

The U.S. dollar is at an all-time low, even when compared against the hapless Canadian loonie. Five years ago, a loonie was worth 60 cents. Today, it's worth $1.12 and climbing. Yesterday, WorldNetDaily reported that the Chinese are considering abandoning the U.S. dollar as their national reserve currency. WND quoted Craig Smith's assessment of the consequences of such a move by Beijing on our economy:

"If that were to happen, all bets are off, and we will be in a depression that makes 1929 look like child's play, or we will experience Weimar Republic inflation as the dollar makes extreme moves toward devaluations." [...] On Tuesday, the U.S. national debt topped $9 trillion for the first time in history, according to the U.S. Treasury Department's daily accounting of the national debt. Nine trillion dollars! The number is so staggeringly high that it exceeds our ability to comprehend it in monetary units.

Million, billion, trillion – in financial terms, for most of us, it means a lot of money, really a lot of money, but that is about as specific a picture as most ordinary people can grasp. [...] Over the past few years, there has been growing public concern about the emerging "Security and Prosperity Partnership" plan that some say is really a "deceptive roadmap" to a coming North American Union and a new, unified currency tentatively called the "amero."

The feds steadfastly deny such a plan exists, even as it opens the borders to Mexican truck traffic, widens the I-35 corridor from Mexico to Canada and, counterintuitively, refuses to tighten the borders with either Mexico or Canada, despite both logic and widespread public demand.

All of these things have brought me to believe that powerful forces outside of our government – like the shadowy international Money Trust members of the "Bilderberg Group" – made a decision to force the formation of the North American Union along with the amero. There decisions have been instituted in the past via the Trilateral Commission, which is the dba for the nefarious Conference on Foreign Relations. Destroying the American dollar could force the crisis that would force the creation of the North American Union. To quote the title of a book of the 1960s era, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy."

Source: WorldNetDaily, 8 Nov 2007


Amero thoughts

I think it's high time the media, Republican talk-show hosts and especially newspaper columnists, tell the public what the Bush administration, the Mexican government and the Canadian government have in store for us. [...] The common currency for this North American Union will be called the Amero instead of the dollar. Believe me, folks, they are trying to make this a reality, thereby causing us to lose our sovereignty as a free nation. [...] We need to wake up and let our politicians know how we stand on this outrage they have planned for us.

Ken Lieseke



I think it's high time the media, talk-show hosts and especially newspaper columnists, tell the public what George Washington and his Virginia cronies, and the New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, and North and South Carolina malcontents have in store for us.
[...] The common currency for this North American Union will be called the dollar instead of the pound. Believe me, folks, they are trying to make this a reality, thereby causing us to be a free [?] nation.

I feel they're planning to integrate our thirteen colonies into one entity. We need to wake up and let our rulers know how we stand on this outrage they have planned for us.

Ima Royalist


Source: Kitsapsun.com

Rage against the central banking machine

Total Fed Credit was up last week by $3.8 billion, which seems like a lot of money to us proletariat working trash, but it is mere chump change to the American banking system, which can literally compound that money to infinity at their whim, thanks to the magic of insane levels of fractional-reserve banking and zero required reserves against new deposits or loans. In short, the banks are corrupt scum, just like always, and that is why history shows that all financial crises are always caused by the banks. [...] It is certainly NOT the business of government to "make sure that people who have more money help the people who have less money", but to make sure that people are given a fair shake by hewing strictly to the Constitution, and not being made poor in the first place by the damned stinking Federal Reserve allowing the banks to create excess money and credit, and thus creating the inflation in prices that make the poor poor!

~The Mogambo Guru (TMG)

The hyperinflated United Goldilocks Matrix

Inflation is over 11% and government expects us to believe we have the lowest inflation in 50 years. They are not even believable liars. If you remember our government and those on Wall Street and CNBC told us over and over that we had reached the bottom of the real estate market. Now they tell us we may have a little farther to go in what will be the worst correction since the 1930s. Our economy has an inflation problem and the only resilience we see is the result of massive amounts of money and credit being injected into the economy. That is the result of a 15% increase in money and credit and a wide open discount window. This is how economic growth is being manufactured and the result is hyperinflation. [...] The Fed doesn’t care about inflation - they just lie about it. They have abandoned the dollar, so we see a good chance of another ¼% rate cut on December 11th. [...] The financial blood will flow for sometime to come. Again, this is lots of ammunition for the Fed to lower rates. At 4-1/2% presently they could drop another point to 3-1/2%. Considering all the other problems we could see the dollar at 50 on the USDX. The credit crisis will last years, not months. [...] Nobody believes our government or Wall Street any more, and gold will now forge higher no matter what machinations the cartel throws at it. The pros can now see where this is all headed as the terrifying and inexorable march to financial oblivion continues unabated in the United Goldilocks Matrix, where some people are starting to wake up from their slumber in their cartel-created pods to a nightmare beyond their wildest imagination! Precious metals and their related assets are now the only place to be, so take your positions immediately or face utter financial annihilation.

~Bob Chapman, International Forecaster


Follow Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers ... and Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen wants to remain the world's richest model and is insisting that she be paid in almost any currency but the U.S. dollar.

Like billionaire investors Warren Buffett and Bill Gross, the Brazilian supermodel, who Forbes magazine says earns more than anyone in her industry, is at the top of a growing list of rich people who have concluded that the currency can only depreciate because Americans led by President George W. Bush are living beyond their means. [...] Analysts in a Bloomberg survey expect the dollar to strengthen in coming months as stronger-than-forecast reports suggest U.S. consumers will keep the economy out of recession. Payrolls grew by 166,000 in October, double the median forecast of economists in a Bloomberg survey.

The dollar will rise to $1.43 per euro this year and $1.35 by the end of 2008, according to the median estimate in the survey.

"So far the data has shown the U.S. economy may not be slowing to the extent the majority of the market had expected,'' said Omer Esiner, an analyst at currency-trading company Ruesch International Inc. in Washington who expects the U.S. currency to strengthen to as much as $1.38 per euro. "That could temper policy easing down the road and lend support for the dollar.''

Buffett, whom Forbes in April ranked as the world's third- richest person behind Bill Gates and Carlos Slim, told reporters in South Korea last month that he is bearish on the U.S. currency. "We still are negative on the dollar relative to most major currencies, so we bought stocks in companies that earn their money in other currencies,'' Buffett said Oct. 25. Buffett, 77, is chairman of Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Jim Rogers, a former partner of investor George Soros, said last month he's selling his house and all his possessions in the U.S. currency to buy China's yuan.

"The dollar is collapsing,'' Rogers said last week in an interview. "I'm moving to Asia because moving to Asia now is like moving to New York in 1907 or London in 1807. It's the wave of the future.

Source: Bloomberg.com


The masters' new currency - brought to you by El Pollo Loco

Those of us living in the US live in a fascist system, right now, today. We live in a system where powerful corporations call the shots, both nationally and globally. They do this beneath a façade of democracy, a façade that has grown exceedingly thin. And every day they come closer and closer to allowing this façade to drop. It should be quite plain by now that our government does not heed the public mandate. [...] Our politicians are bought off. Most of them are members of the privileged class to start with, and once they leave office they will go to work for the very firms they should now be attempting to regulate.

The move to privatize has reached critical mass; we have sold off our infrastructure and our vital government services to corporations - worse than sold, we have handed these things over while promising to subsidize their ownership with taxpayer's dollars. [...] The building of a fascist system within the façade of democracy has been in progress for a long time. [...] What previous administrations used to do in secret, the Bush administration does in the open, and then grants itself immunity from future prosecution.

And now Bush has granted himself the power to abrogate the constitution and suspend elections through the declaration of martial law. He can do this for any perceived threat, whether it involves terrorism, economic crisis, environmental catastrophe, or social upheaval. Soon even the trappings of democracy will become unnecessary, and the US public will find themselves living in a repressive police state without any of the freedoms and protections from abuse that we have for so long taken for granted. [...] Yet even our gluttonous over-consumption is not enough to sustain economic growth. So we have turned to juggling bubbles of debt. The public is told that it is their patriotic duty to consume, consume, consume, even as their adjusted income continues to shrink. To fulfill our patriotic duty, we take out second and third mortgages, and we max out credit cards. Our debts are then repackaged and sold off as investments.

Now these bubbles are becoming unmanageable. Foreign investors, the other pillar of our economy, are beginning to divest themselves of the US dollar. A major economic crash is imminent, a crash that could make the Great Depression pale in comparison. Once this crash is complete, plans are already in place to replace the US dollar with the North American Amero, to establish the supremacy of the North American Union over the federal governments of the US, Canada and Mexico, and to keep the public in line through the establishment of a repressive police state.

Source: CounterCurrents.org

It's not funny, it's not fun

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"Thank you for the kind words, but I am not prophet [referring to his previous posting — Ed.]. I just read and watch the news. That doesn't make how I feel when I read or watch something right or wrong, and in fact the media is responsible for keeping a dark shroud over everything that we are not supposed to know about. Ask yourself what is an Amero or the N.A. Union? [...] Contrary to popular belief, I DO have a sense of humor, and I am a nice guy. Remember it was my Godfather that is the 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' guy."

Source: Blabbermouth.net

Beware of foreign entanglements

There are those who want to shift this country into socialism and other systems of controls our forefathers rejected. The “globalist” mentality is embraced at the expense of our sovereignty. It’s being implemented without fanfare through government and has penetrated our education and media systems.

We’ve heard about an “amero” type currency for the Western Hemisphere, recently confirmed by former Mexican President Vicente Fox on CNN’s “Larry King Live.” The White House denies such a thing, but BankIntroductions.com, a Canadian company specializing in global banking strategies, has a prediction. It told WorldNetDaily.com that the amero may be the currency of North America within 10 years. Yet, we’re left in the dark.

I don’t know all the repercussions, but the chill in my spine indicates revised banking systems will threaten America’s sovereignty. Those who watch this trend often quote our first president, George Washington: “Beware of foreign entanglements.”

Source: East Valley Tribune

Gold: Menace II fiat society

Gold’s catalyst on Friday was an impending sense of doom in US financial markets. “Forget what the Federal Reserve says about being neutral on policy and the news that the labour market grew at double the rate expected by economists in October,” writes Michael Mackenzie in the Financial Times. “What matters is the unwinding of the great credit trade. This is ensnaring more and more financial institutions and threatens to make life very difficult for policymakers as the risk of a dollar crisis looms.”

It seems to us the dollar’s been in crisis for about five years now. But maybe it’s become more acute lately. New lows on the greenback could equal US$1,000 gold. And it could happen faster than you can say “jingle bells”.

Source: Dailly Reckoning


"Someday soon...

...you'll be keeping ameros in your wallet, not dollars. The goods they buy will zip freely from Mexico to Canada on an enormous new road. And the United States will merge with its neighbors into a massive North American Union that reigns sovereign over more than 440 million people.
At least that is the vision being raised by a small but vocal group of bloggers, activists and border-security hard-liners.

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