Conspiracy deniers stimulated till 2010?

North American Union by 2010, be very afraid, writes Robert Bruce Acheson of Morning Sententiel: Globalist bankers work for years to subvert our freedoms, yet little is done by our own government to prevent them. [...] Our Constitution is betrayed, our Bill of Rights trampled. American sovereignty is ending, our American dollar will be replaced by the "amero," much the same as the euro has become the European Union currency. A talk show host recently commented, "Americans are no longer interested in freedom: they just hope that their new masters will be kind." History shows that no master is kind. Become informed [and start asking questions!]


Conspiracy Deniers Delight In Their Attempt to Debunk the Obvious

Evidence that the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. are working to merge the three countries into a North American Union has alerted and alarmed many. It has also stimulated some conspiracy deniers. But their denials skip over numerous reasons for concluding that a plot, similar to the one that brought 27 nations under the rule of a European Union, does indeed exist.

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