The attractive End Game

"One clear inference is that if The Cartel is pushing the Amero as the eventual, and their favored, alternative to the U.S. Dollar, The Cartel certainly intends to continue its interventional efforts at suppressing the prices of Gold and Silver in order to prevent their attaining widely-recognized legitimacy as money. The foregoing are only a couple of the components of this massive and dramatic End Game Plan, the particulars of which can be found in Deepcaster’s June, 2007 Letter at www.deepcaster.com at “Latest Letter” in the Archives. In the event of the success (from The Cartel’s perspective) of the implementation of the End Game Plan, doubtless The Fed would transmogrify itself into The (still private and very profitable) Central Bank responsible for issuing the Amero. Of course, the key question for the long-term is whether The Cartel will be able to pull it off. Certainly they have been instrumental in creating a financial climate which has crisis potential," warns the Deepcaster, while the New York Post says this: "The Amero is a term being used for a unified currency for North America - like the euro is for Europe. It's pie in the sky, but works well as a story line if you believe there's a conspiracy to purposely allow the US dollar to collapse in value.
The euro has been so successful - relative to the dollar - over its eight-year existence that the idea of a unified North American currency may be attractive to some.
Will it ever happen? Probably around the same time Americans start crossing the Mexican border by cover of darkness in hopes of finding a job. In other words, never."

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