Different Amero viewpoints

Because life's a funny game

"Since the Internet began, there has been web page after web page of conspiracy theories. The old conspiracies like 'Who shot JFK?' have given way to newer and bigger questions, 'Did the government have a hand in 9/11... how did the AIDS virus get started....and wild accusations about something called a "chemtrail". Especially today, with web sites like YouTube, those 'New World Order' theories are really getting popular. According to most of these, your children may be using Amero's as currency and not US Dollars! Amuse yourself by participating in a hunt for the best Conspiracy Theory on the Internet and get some great laughs out of it."

It's the Loonie stupid neo-cons want to tame

"In the wake of the loonie's rise above parity against the U.S. dollar, there has been a revival of the debate around the idea of a common currency between Canada and the United States. In one corner stand people like David Laidler who argue that it is a bad idea; the loonie should continue to float against the greenback. In the other corner, we have the likes of Herbert Grubel, Thomas Courchene and Pierre Fortin who clamour for some form of monetary integration between Canada and the United States."

Greenback: the new carry-trade currency

"In addition to the existence of ameros available for purchase, there are groups advocating the abolition of national currencies in favor of a single global currency, including the Web site singleglobalcurrency.org.
Some are legitimate sources of intelligent discussion about the relative merits of a single currency system, and some are less-than-credible rants on global conspiracy theories and propagation of urban myths.
But that doesn't seem to matter to those convinced that the introduction of the amero is right around the corner.
Now maybe it is easier to deal with tough economic times by ignoring the day-to-day realities of credit issues and slow job creation in favor of more sinister theories of where the economy is heading.
But if conspiracy theories are your cup of tea, perhaps it might be more productive to consider some more mainstream plots, such as the truth behind the Kennedy assassination or whether or not NASA faked the moon landings or perhaps the greatest conspiracy ever, the 1969 New York Mets.
But if fears of a growing movement toward creation of a global currency is keeping you awake at night, rest easy. There already is a global currency. And it is called the U.S. dollar.
Despite its recent decline against the euro, the U.S. dollar is still the major international reserve currency and is more than likely to rebound in the coming months and reestablish its global primacy."

All this Union, One, Global talk is sadly no conspiracy "theory"

"According to this economic legend, dark forces are at work as we speak to create and implement the "amero," a North American variant of the euro, to replace the American, Canadian and Mexican national currencies. And with the creation of that North American Union, so the conspiracy theory holds, goes economic freedom, Yankee ingenuity and probably apple pie."

So read this and realize: This ain't a theory this is tyranny!

"Many have now heard rumblings of the “amero”, a proposed North American currency to replace the Canadian loonie, dollar and peso. However, most of the mentions of this concept, when discussed in the mainstream media tend to focus on suggesting that talk of an “amero”, and in effect, the accompanying North American Union, is nothing but a conspiracy theory created by deluded xenophobes afraid of immigration and globalization. The Boston Globe recently wrote such a story, titled, “The Amero Conspiracy”, which stated, “The SPP [Security and Prosperity Partnership] does exist, and its tri-national task forces continue to meet, but its members consider it a way for the United States, Canada, and Mexico to collaborate on issues such as customs, environmental and safety regulations, narcotics smuggling, and terrorism. The amero, on the other hand, appears to be purely theoretical.” However, despite being conveyed as “purely theoretical”, a recent article in the national Canadian newspaper, the Financial Post, referred to the amero, not as a theoretical idea or conspiracy theory, but as a potential reality. The article entitled, Fix the Loonie, lays out the process to be undertaken before the adoption of a continental currency known as the Amero."

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