The NAU - Part 2: The Amero

"What is not to say that, if and when this global crash occurs, the governments of Mexico, Canada, and the US will come up with a plan to ‘save us’ from harsh poverty, unemployment, and hunger by creating a new, more ‘powerful’ dollar, backed by the American, Mexican, and Canadian economies, called the Amero in order to ‘compete’ with the powerful Euro in the merging ‘world market?’

Remember I am only connecting dots here. I am not implying that this will happen. I hope that I am wrong, but when you put pieces of the puzzle together and begin to see the picture you have to ask yourself, 'Is this really going to happen?' Remember, I call things the way I see it.

Then how desperate will we become when the economic crash occurs? Our generation knows nothing about harsh poverty like our great grandfathers did in 1929. We are spoiled in our capitalist riches and take for granted all of the good things we own made cheaply in repressive foreign countries. What is not to say that we will demand the Amero when a loaf of bread will cost 20 US dollars, but cost 2 Ameros? After all, NAFTA was the first step in this North American Union plan. If the US falls economically so will Mexico, and Canada."

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