Amero taking down middle class

I'm asking The Bee to address the issue of the "Amero" and its part in the rapid devaluation of the U.S. dollar and in delaying response to securing the border. The "Amero" would be developed through the creation of the North American Union, which currently goes under the name
"The Security and Prosperity Partnership" consisting of Canada, Mexico and the United States. This idea was supposedly launched in March 2005.
The Mexican and Canadian economies rely, primarily, on the United States for trade and economic stability. They are, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, our top suppliers of oil. How will union with two nations, one morally bankrupt and each possessing poorly performing currencies, advance the United States? It probably won't.
Observers predict that this "union," or "partnership," will not only dissolve U.S. sovereignty but destroy our domestic shipping industries, redistribute our middle-class wealth and eliminate what we now consider border security. Will America be the next European Union?

Editor's note: No government agency or official has recommended forming a North American Union, a common currency or giving up any sovereignty to any other government or agency.

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