May I Fly Amero?

Ask To Fly Domestically?
We are headed down the track and I wonder if we can come back from the direction we are headed.
by Carl Buschmann

I now have to ask Big Brother to fly domestically. We are losing our freedom at a faster and faster pace. We are being told what to do to protect us from the bad people who can't be told what to do. I suppose next month I might have to ask to go to the bathroom. Gee, what next?

Look here: http://www.naturalnews.com/022737.html

This sounds like the beginning of a facist society where we have central authority and a tightly controlled social and economic base to deal with.

Just like the NAU that the candidates are NOT talking about. This unholy union of Canada, The United States, and Mexico consists of terminating our Constitution, creating the Amero for us to spend, and a wonderful 1200 foot wide series of highways through all three countries created by the seizing of a vast amount of land by eminent domain. [...] Some people are saying that the Bush Administration may have orchestrated the declining dollar, in hopes that Americans will see truth in their logic of radical, yet necessary changes, which include but are not limited to the introduction of the NAU (North American Union). [...] The Administration's view is, the more desperate the American public becomes due to the weakening US Dollar and their acknowledgment that the country is in a (deep) recession, the easier it will be to convince the them that the only way America can compete with the Euro would be the introduction of the Amero.

It is also said that once the Amero is in circulation the dollar would simply be canceled and considered worthless much as the Confederate dollar was after The Civil War.

Source: nolanchart.com (2nd article)

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