Selling out Canada

As some of you may know, Canada is in the process of aligning its policies with those of the USA. Very quietly. Without public debate. [...] President Bush is arriving in Montebello, Quebec this Summer -- August 19-21st -- meeting with Calderon, Harper and the 30 CEOs for the next stage in this integration. If this matters to you, join the demonstrations in your city (1:00 pm at City Hall, Ottawa, Sunday 19th August) or at Montebello 19-21st. We need to consider these events, and their effects for future generations.

If this is all new, you might be thinking, "How can this be?!" If you think this is a 'conspiracy theory', go to the 2006 budget listed on CBC news. Scroll around 40% down to the SPP section. If this is all conspiracy theory, the government has already spent a few hundred million dollars on a 'conspiracy.'

Source: TheBulletin.ca

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