Ol' Dirty Bastard does Sarah Palin

ODB is likely in hell, but one thing's for sure: Da Dirtdog DirtMC is still on the road, and 2nd to none... even in heaven -- so it is highly likely, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (Read: Pregnant ... as usual) got to "meet" Ol' Dirty Bastard - The Astral Version... Sarah Palinski prays to God (not G.O.D.) ...that this Iraq war thingy is going to end soon... not evil. ODB had this to say:

Well shut the fuck up!! Vice prez aint nuttin but a skull for a bone. You can fuck 'em you can suck 'em you can leave 'em alone. 25 cents is the regular price. 50 cents you can fuck 'em twice. 75 cents you can fuck 'em to the bone. And a Dollar worth leave it alone. Yo, and the Bush Doctrine is a term used to describe the foreign policy doctrine of United States gangsta George W. Bush, enunciated in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Now I want two beef patties, special sauce, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, on a sesame seed bun - on a sesame seed bun, you big dummy.

P.S. Of course, like Bill Maher-iOnette, we just kid... the next president!?

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