Da Amerocan Victor?

The death of the US dollar may come as a surprise to many conventional... non-thinkers. Others have long prepared for the big event. That is what all the background talk of the Amero is about. No longer just "Word around the campfire" - the foundation has definitely bin laden been laid. You can bet your bottom banknote da Cartel that is imploding the present uebersystem will be front & center with its replacement. Fair trade? Fair play? Fair-y Tale! There is no justice! And the end still justifies the meme means.

The end is, of course, not paper ends but power: Control the printing press of a currency region, and you don't have to give a flying shit about "regional presidents/politicians". The three primary regions are set to be Europe, Asia and the Americas. Europe is kind of up and running. Asia is heading quickly in that direction with China and deflated Japan vying for supremacy. Certain smart money predicts the Chinese Yuan will be the best of the worst, da victor -- the greenback is playing out its final timeline... in a shady election year. They might even pull a $50 Oil Pre-e7ect1on stunt to assure J. McCain's presidency. If you can fill'er up for 40 bucks, you're cuil with Republicans chasing that rich ally turned mad super villain who hides in the desert and wants to destroy the US... and your mother! But of course, you already knew that... that's why you're a Ron Paul supporter, right?

That's why you bought additional physical silver. You know that the Dollar must be sacrificed, and you even read:

Lately, talk of a “North American Union” merger between the United States, Mexico, and Canada has made the leap from late-night talk radio and the blogosphere fringe and into respectable media. Is there anything to all this?

There are three components to the conspiracy:

The North American Union (NAU)
The NAFTA Superhighway
The “amero” - a unified currency for the U.S., Mexico, and Canada

Each component has a varying degree of truth. [...]
The “amero” - a shared currency for the three nations. This component is the least likely of the three, as there is no reliable evidence that a unitary continental currency is on the horizon. However, a savvy conspiracy theorist might suggest that the NAFTA Superhighway is Step 1, the NAU Step 2, and the amero the third and final step of tri-national merger. Thus, why should there be much evidence for the amero’s existence at this point?

The term “amero” was coined (no pun intended) in 1999 by Canadian economist Herbert Grubel. Grubel did manage to interest then-Mexican President Vicente Fox in the idea but could get no traction in the U.S. or especially in his native Canada [source]. Thus, the amero is strictly theoretical… Well, mostly. (Source: AmateurEconomists)

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