Sept. 14: $6 Silver

There is change formin', you brain-stormin'?
Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid buys more paper (even Silver). Rational people recognize that the whole Comex exchange is a joke and stash even more Physical Silver. Can you smell what da rock boyz are cookin'?
Bill Maher WU suck dick
But hey, it's just the free market, it's just money -- AIG bankrupt haters (Not Brian Austin Green, Frida Kahlo or that MILF from Weeds Season 4 episode 13:) like "Why you still talkin' money, shit?!" Cuz we like real money, bitch! Paper rich. Even the paper itself is toxic... and of course: all promises come without any of that evil fiber. Why mess with a perfectly good depopulation instrument? K.I.S.S. - Mary Louise Parker, or have a white tie affair, just remember:

61% of all enlightened Americans believe in the Noah's Arc Theory... literally! 61% believe a 900-year-old man impregnated 500 women and got ever single species - including every little brobdingnagian insect - to fuck on a boat!

You may think that even Olivia wilde, Erin Popovich & the Dick Army (Excluding Margaret Hoelzer, of course) will object to this post. But if you consider the wilco-style HP layoff (yes, the necessary HP job cuts!), if you actually read about the major-league Lehman Barclays Fuck-ups (even Lehman Brothers India!) and Greedmen Goldman Sachs SNAFUs -- you will develop a deviated septum. Shit's like a blow to somebodies face -- got 5 minutes to kill yourself?

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