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Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Ron Paul?

Not too long ago in the course of this rEVOLution, there were concerns expressed for the personal safety of Dr. Ron Paul. Apparently, many people shared those concerns, and friends in the movement have expressed them to me personally.

This is likely because in days past, all too often during my own lifetime, promising leaders have been "taken out" as a pragmatic response by the "powers that be" to the threat they were beginning to pose towards the status quo.

Of course, in almost all cases it was a "lone gunman" or some "unbalanced individual" at fault, with no conclusive way to trace those who ordered the "hit." Several incidents spring to mind: John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, Martin Luther King, and near-martyr Ronald Regan, whose leadership after the Hinkley bullet never seemed quite the same.

Nevertheless, the shadowy powers behind the throne may have now learned they don't need more martyrs to deal with. Those who die in pursuit of a noble cause have often "come back," metaphorically speaking, larger than life, and the memory and legends engendered become even more effective than the living, breathing original was.

Ron Paul, thank God, has not suffered the fate of a martyr. Will we his followers, who have been inspired by his leadership and his rallying call for freedom, let this movement die a natural death? Will we sit back and let the globalist shadow government win by default? Even now they seem to be moving full steam ahead towards a North American Union and an Amero currency.

Has this generation finally become so mesmerized by "The Tube" that we'll just go back to sleep and let our country slip away without a fight?

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