Being a little less Amero-centric?

Blue-collar NationalReview bloggerssay "we need to be a little less Amero-centric. From John Quiggin: 'prices for commodities, including oil as well as most ag commodities, are typically quoted in $US. In a situation where, for obvious reasons, the value of the $US is declining against all major currencies, this can be quite misleading. Measured against the euro, the currency of the world’s largest unified economy, the increase looks a lot less steep.'

Short story: let's not mix up the U.S. currency crisis—that is, mortgage meltdowns and overspending on overseas wars—with global food prices. Second, I am flabbergasted that almost no newspaper has mentioned there are people in poor countries who actually sell commodities.


In other news:

Paper sucks ass!

Treasuries Decline, Pushing Two-Year Yields Up Most Since 2001
Bloomberg - Apr 19, 2008
``Treasuries, even at higher yields, offer limited value,'' said Scott Amero, global chief investment officer for fixed income in New York at BlackRock Inc. ...

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