Ron Paul in - [sigh] - The American Patient

Ron Paul in - [sigh] - The American Patient
The American dollar is a 30-something year-old bubble, and not just Ron Paul's "biggest concern is that of the dollar bubble". Of even bigger concern: Congress didn't and doesn't act fast enough. The dollar bubble ... the real estate bubble are farting toxic paper in deflationary mode. Why not pull a Dr. Evil and print...


Billions is so 80's. And besides: Them bubbles be old. Even hoes know: Shit's bad right now... and shit's been bad for about a year now - the year of the tip of Da Iceberg - and da debt monster is at least the size of the landfill in the movie "Idiocracy". The ultimate 3-part solution: 1) Fingerprint the mortgage brokers; 2) Tax da sheaple; 3) ...is a charm, and "completely unrelated to the crisis:

[All credit card transactions must be reported to the IRS]

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