Bernanke - The Great Deceiver

How would you recognize the most evil "person" on Earth? According to many historical texts certain literature, you should look for a brilliant, enigmatic public figure, a Fuehrer, who has a positive influence on the world, transforms it... for a while. Basically, the last person you'd tap as Satan's human emissary, as Jesus' nemesis.

In Jesus freak eschatology, the Antichrist is a person or other entity that is the embodiment of evil and utterly opposed to truth...
or a "legal personality", usually used to flip n' fuck expandable human capital.

So if you watch the History Channel's 2-parter "The Antichrist" (2008)... watch between the lines. If there is an antichrist, look beyond Arnold and Dubya - the Antichrist is supposed to be a great speaker:) Charismatic? What did that nurse pastor say? - and try to find out 1) who's robbed your savings, 2) why they tax your salary, 3) how many letters are in the profitable legal name...

The Fed

Shout out to the great charismatic board of directors deceivers of the Federal Reserve. You rule!

P.S. In case you want to know why it's highly likely that we'll see yet another black Republican, i.e., neo-con in the White House, remember the keywords: Evengelists, [New Life Church], and arrogant Head-Fundi-in-Charge Faggard Haggard - The Holy Clown.

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