Meatheads on the Amero--The 4th Central Bank

Nowadays, even meatheads at T-Nation, the net's premier site for bodybuilding and strength information (and ultimate Biotest marketing machine:) are discussing the up-coming North American currency--excerpts from this Top 10 Forum Post:

"The American Central bank will disappear in the next decade or two."
-Jim Rogers, Mandarin-speaking international investor & Quantum Fund co-founder

The fed will disappear but it will be replaced with the North American Central Bank as a representative for the Amero. [...] It matters little what the currency is called. The fact is many if not most North and South American countries have a currency tied to the dollar already. Renaming and combining them will only have a solidifying effect that will make world government more possible. Economies cannot really be unified any more than they are insofar as everyone is already dependent on everyone else.

Trade is trade and it doesn't matter what mediums are used to facilitate it. Competition is still a preferred state, however, there is little point in having a unified currency that can be competed against. Maybe a North American Central Bank wouldn't be so be holden to US government pressure to print and spend money. Then again, if it was there would be the same problems of inflation. Ultimately, I believe a new currency will not change anything fundamental about the operation of government and the destruction of society.

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