Anti-Amero Rally

Thousands of supporters - what Dr. Paul called "the largest rally he's seen yet" - braved the cold to support the congressman, who has proposed policy changes like eliminating the federal income tax and curbing government spending overseas.

"Foreign policy is where we can save hundreds of millions of dollars," he told a massive crowd that afternoon. "It is an economic crisis when we spend more than we have."

Big on constitutional rights and government restraint, Dr. Paul said there needs to be a mindset change with regard to national sovereignty, individual freedom and personal property rights. [...] If elected, Dr. Paul vowed to never raise taxes and favors a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy. In keeping with his defense of national sovereignty, he proposed withdrawing from the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

"There are plans for a North American Union and a NAFTA highway. We don't need these things or new currency called the Amero or a national identity card. What we need to do is defend the U.S. and let people run their own lives," he said.

Source: The Bulletin.us

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