क़ुइन्तेस्सेन्तिअल् quintessential paranoia

If you haven't heard about the NAU, that may be because its plotters have succeeded in keeping it secret. Or, more likely, because there is no such thing. [...] As fears of the mythical NAU grow, they appear to be subtly shaping more mainstream debates about immigration and trade. [...] The NAU may be the quintessential conspiracy theory for our time, according to scholars studying what the historian Richard Hofstadter famously called the "paranoid style" in American politics.

~Drake Bennett, Boston Globe


With conspiracy theories running rampant on the Web about a secret plan to create a North American Union with an "Amero" currency, the comment in a television interview sent chills down some spines. Economists say, however, that the idea of a regional currency for the United States, Canada and Mexico — however tantalizing for some in their ranks — is highly unlikely, primarily owing to domestic politics.

~Eunice Moscoso, Washington Times


While the income tax needs to be eliminated, the IRS needs to be abolished and the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution needs to be repealed, the Fair Tax legislation deals with these issues ineffectively and distracts people from the bigger problem.
Emblazoned across the top of our currency is "Federal Reserve Note." This paper is printed out of thin air, not being backed by gold or silver. One dollar today is worth four cents compared to one dollar in 1913, the year that Congress -- without the constitutional authority to do so -- created the Federal Reserve, our central bank. The "Fed" is a private bank run by unelected officials we cannot hold accountable.
Every penny of the federal income tax is used to pay our public debt, which topped $9 trillion for the first time this year. Debt ceilings have been extended time after time because the federal government is too big, does too much and spends more than it takes in. [...] Realize that the collapse of the dollar is all globalists need to merge Canada, the United States and Mexico into a North American Union, with the "Amero" as our common currency. Ron Paul wrote, "Only when the people demand the federal government stop trying to meet any and all demands, and instead return to a constitutionally limited republic, will the list of programs subject to waste, fraud and abuse be dramatically reduced."

~Vicki Simons, Augusta


The Boston Globe mocks Ron Paul and the idea that the US might be carrying out its ancient goal of annexing Canada and Mexico in the name of the North American Union, or foisting on us a new and even softer fiat currency called the Amero.
Of course, Ron Paul is right to call attention to this establishment scam.


A former Carter administration official writes a book and serves on a CFR working group about greater economic ties between the US, Canada, andv Mexico and talks about a common currency and people go apeshit. It was just an idea. Just because someone suggests a common currency between the NAFTA members doesn’t mean there is a plan to adopt one. [...]
To sum up the North American Union, it doesn’t exist outside of some books and the occasional think tank discussion. There is no plan to create one by the governments in North America. Now can we start discussing the real issues affecting this country and can we start defending our liberty against real threats, instead of making up phony threats.


Amero's favorite pastime suggests he's both patient and persistent. An avid fly-fisherman, his idea of a great vacation is a fishing trip with his family, including all four children, ages nine to 17. "You've got to be stubborn and lucky in fly-fishing," he says.

~Treasure Hunter, Barron's Online

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