The war on honest money

Most of you, as American citizens, are being robbed blind. [...] What is the root of the problem? Our money and the people who print and “manage” it do so for their own interests only. This system of money was designed to take from the unsuspecting. [...] The epicenter of current worldwide financial stress is the United States, but citizens around the globe are subject to similar abuses. There is no honest money to be found anywhere you look. The Liberty Dollar, an honest money endeavor, was just shut down by the U.S. government. [...] Honest and sound money protects the middle class, savers, and those on fixed incomes. These are the folks most in jeopardy during our present banking and monetary crisis. (by Dr. Russell McDougal)

Bilderberger Daily (aka The Washington Post) reports:

The lack of confidence that many Paul supporters have in U.S. currency may well be one reason why they are sending so many of their greenbacks to Paul's campaign, and thereby making his outsider libertarian bid for the Republican presidential nomination a force to be reckoned with. For sound-money supporters who fear a coming collapse in the value of the dollar, it makes eminent sense to send a few hundred dollars to the one candidate who is arguing for a monetary revolution, instead of simply watching that money rapidly crumble in value. [...] Norfed, which is based in Evansville, Ind., says that in the last decade it has put into circulation more than $20 million in "Liberty Dollars," metal medallions and paper certificates that it says are backed by silver and gold stored in Idaho. The group's founder and director, Bernard von NotHaus, says that federal agents seized more than 50,000 copper "Ron Paul Dollars" that the group was selling for $1, in addition to smaller amounts of silver Ron Paul Dollars that sold for $20, gold ones that went for $1,000 and platinum ones that went for $2,000.

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