The biggest heist in US history

Perhaps all the bad vibes have something to do with Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, appearing before the Joint Economic Committee last week and making a fool of himself, and, well, let's have Michael Nystrom, of BullNotBull.com, tell it.

First off, Mr. Nystrom notes that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was on the committee, and I think that he was, in effect, questioning the competence of Ben Bernanke to head the Federal Reserve, [...] Bernanke was hand-picked by the President, and damned near all the other people picked by Bush to do anything for the last seven years was either a laughable incompetent, a bloodthirsty fascist, a toadying sycophant or something else so corruptibly yucky, icky and terrifying that one shudders to contemplate the kind of people it took to develop the satanic Bush administration, which really angers me because these evil people are Republicans, and I am a Republican, and nowadays I am ashamed and embarrassed to be a Republican.

That is why I am voting for Ron Paul, a Republican, for President; he is the only candidate honorable enough, honest enough, smart enough, educated in economics enough and conversant enough with the Constitution to deserve the position, and who will hopefully restore honor, dignity and plain ol' smarts to the Republican Party and the office of the President of the United States, and I expect all real, trustworthy, Constitution-loving Americans else to vote for him, too, and if they don't, then I shall loath and detest them more than I loath and detest them now, which is considerable, to the point of seething hatred in some cases.

I took it from the look on his face that Mr. Nystrom is, like everyone else, predictably horrified at my rude hostility, and disappointed that I am again off the subject, which is about Bernanke testifying before Congress. He then quotes Hopefully-Soon-To-Be-President Paul saying, "they don't say inflate the currency, they don't say debase the currency, they don't say devalue the currency, they don't say cheat the people who save. They say, 'lower interest rates.' But I don't hear you say too often, 'The only way I can lower interest rates is to create more money.' So my question boils down to this: 'How can we expect to solve the problems of inflation…with more inflation?'" [...]

Apparently, everyone was needlessly distracted by my personal little "work experience" interruption, and so Ron Paul persisted, as quoted by Mr. Nystrom, by saying, "How can you pursue this policy that you have without further weakening the dollar? There's a dollar crisis out there, and people's money is being stolen! People who have saved, they're being robbed!"

Immediately, I jump up from the couch and shout at the television, "Yeah! Robbed! These stinking Federal Reserve crooks are helping the federal government steal us blind with their damned inflation!"

~The Mogambo Guru (TMG)

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