The hyperinflated United Goldilocks Matrix

Inflation is over 11% and government expects us to believe we have the lowest inflation in 50 years. They are not even believable liars. If you remember our government and those on Wall Street and CNBC told us over and over that we had reached the bottom of the real estate market. Now they tell us we may have a little farther to go in what will be the worst correction since the 1930s. Our economy has an inflation problem and the only resilience we see is the result of massive amounts of money and credit being injected into the economy. That is the result of a 15% increase in money and credit and a wide open discount window. This is how economic growth is being manufactured and the result is hyperinflation. [...] The Fed doesn’t care about inflation - they just lie about it. They have abandoned the dollar, so we see a good chance of another ¼% rate cut on December 11th. [...] The financial blood will flow for sometime to come. Again, this is lots of ammunition for the Fed to lower rates. At 4-1/2% presently they could drop another point to 3-1/2%. Considering all the other problems we could see the dollar at 50 on the USDX. The credit crisis will last years, not months. [...] Nobody believes our government or Wall Street any more, and gold will now forge higher no matter what machinations the cartel throws at it. The pros can now see where this is all headed as the terrifying and inexorable march to financial oblivion continues unabated in the United Goldilocks Matrix, where some people are starting to wake up from their slumber in their cartel-created pods to a nightmare beyond their wildest imagination! Precious metals and their related assets are now the only place to be, so take your positions immediately or face utter financial annihilation.

~Bob Chapman, International Forecaster

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