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Dollar Collapse Silver StandardWe have often reported that since 8/15/71 it has been all down hill for the American economy. That is the date we left the Gold Standard. Since then there has been a decline in the purchasing power of the dollar. A decline that has forced a need for two incomes to replace the one income that was needed in 1970.

What has been in process during the last 37 years is the disappearance of our middle-class and the limited ability to reach middle-class status. Our fiat currency has brought us decline and will eventually bring us impoverishment. [...] The right man for our time, now, is Ron Paul. He can take the average American where we all want to go and that is to prosperity and freedom. In the process in our primaries we have to defeat every incumbent so we can get the refuse out of Congress. [...] We are headed toward another great depression and Americans are occupied with sports, movies and DVD’s, as well as totally managed news.

They are not concerned that millions of jobs have been lost to illegal aliens and that their college graduate children cannot get jobs because they have all been outsourced to other countries. [...] America has no pride left; it has become a nation of con men and crooks. Only the poor and habitual criminals end up in jail. [...] If we do not act soon and elect Ron Paul and defeat the incumbents in the primaries there won’t be anything Americans can be proud of, like our manufacturing, tool and die shops, steel mills, etc., which have long ago left our shores. America is asleep and it had better wake up soon.

~Bob Chapman, 21 Nov 2007

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