FTF: If you haven't slept on it ...

...it's still mandatory to know a little bit about this real American hero--name a super hero that fucks with the IRS axiom in such a Bobby Digital-kind of way! That's mad as hell balls! Recognize award-winning film maker and political activist Russo! Read the whole Wiki page, and batch it ..again, witch!

Watch it without blackwater blackbars--Uncensored: For a limited time only!

...or download The Authorized Final Director's Cut

And now a somehow related P.S.: "I can delete that cookie ... reset my browser" ... recognize the starving corporations that shall receive the best free leads/marketing money can buy ... I like to F AFFs! I don't get it but let's keep it real ... like Fritos:

And the Judge should be like: Guilty! because B) We've got all this like ... pff ... evidence ... and I heard you don't even have your mark tattoo ... and I'm all 'You've gotta be shittin' me!" ... but check this out: At least she knows what affiliate marketing is all about...

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