Incapable of failure

Danke Gottfried - Helnwein.comNow the chickens are coming home to roost. A system that cannot exist without continuous borrowing will fail when the cost of borrowing simply becomes too high. When we hear officials of the Federal Reserve itself warning of the possibility of a recession, look out!

Ah, but relief might be just around the corner. If the dollar fails, let’s replace it with, say, the Amero. When/if the Amero fails, there’s the euro, which the North American Union of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. can employ when it joins the European Union. A currency can only fail by comparison with another currency. A single currency, therefore, will be incapable of failure, just as insolvency is impossible if there is no solvency.

With a single governing body for the entire world, and a single currency, we will have achieved Nirvana, or Utopia. All the problems besetting us will fade into history, as we enter a bright New Age. You think? Or has an enemy done this? The weeds are waist-high, and growing fast.

by Dr. Hein, LewRockwell.com

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