Beware of the Late Reserve Currency

You honestly think the Fed is wising up? They are not because they don't have to. Obviously there is a great risk to the stability of the US Dollar if that corporation "who" goes by the name of Federal Express Reserve continues to turn its back on the greenback and sacrifices it as the first choice by fucking around with rates to mask problems. Our rates are really only decided based on bullshit economic data that is contained in fishy reports -- they say one thing -- "Fight inflation ... protecting the value of the US currency" -- but do the exact opposite: Fight deflation by killing the buck ...

"I do believe the days of the US Dollar being the reserve currency of the world are coming to an end. However, that doesn’t mean that it should be thrown away (in favor of the Amero). Hopefully, we can see some of our American purchasing power return and at least a HINT of free markets. If not, there is always Canada!" ~ForexHound.com

The Fed is not about the common man, not about real value, and not about to fight inflation ... because their real enemy is DEFLATION... till the endgame? (After the endgame is before the endgame!)

Stockhouse members discussed some of the finer points of currency valuations. "Beware the Amero."

Interesting comments:

"I'll start with the obvious: USD is toast. I just hope that the Amero doesn't come to fruition. I would leave Canada in that case. [...] All money outside of gold and silver is valued by decree. They're FIAT currencies. Ultimately their worth, defined by confidence to hold your assets denominated in that currency, is backed up by the willingness and the capacity of the government to ensure re-payment upon demand, or upon agreed terms."

BTW, this chart illustrates real power perfectly. Any club that can get away with this ... shouldn't be fuck with -- funny when you hear fellow serfs or rappers talk about being untouchable. This is the mothership!

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