New Video: "Meet the Federal Fockers" (2008)

A new video featuring Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, and Jerry Nelson, Corporate Communications for the Federal Reserve with Gary Franchi, Managing Editor of Republic Magazine. Bernanke is questioned about the Amero and Nelson reveals some little known facts about the FED. Is it really a private bank? Is the Amero on the horizon? What were US Notes printed by John F. Kennedy? Is our money toxic? What happened to the gold in the Treasury? These questions and more are answered in this expose' about the Federal Reserve System, from the mouth of the Federal Reserve. Go to MeetTheFED.com and watch "Meet the Federal Fockers" aka

Part 2, Part 3

Things to google: North American Union, Amero, Lou Dobbs NAU, Creature from Jekyll Island, ... Kennedy Dollars, Liberty Dollars, Title 12 Sec. 411

Gold Good ol' days:

"In 1933 the U.S. Treasury had 20,000 metric tons of gold. The Federal Reserve sold the gold reserves to the US Treasury, purchased with 30,000 x $100,000 bills."

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