Charge Ameros or Starve like the Irish?

"Our Euro-lords’ ambitions have no bounds. And just maybe those conspiracy theorists who talk of a World State may be on to something," realizes The Broadsheet Rag. Yes, a North American currency is in the making. No longer just a conspiracy theory! Now the question is: When is the Amero going to replace the good ol' greenback? EasyNow of AboveTopSecret is wondering how many people will try to resist the change. He was having a chat with a co-worker about this issue: "He said he would resist it at all costs even if it meant living off the land and hunting to feed himself. i explained to him that eventually he would have to give in... because if they do change our currency , when he went and cashed his check he would be paid in Amero's ? it seems it will be easy for them to make us accept this [paper] or starve." Look at Ireland, whose citizens have fucked up the EU's plan to impose a bullshit constitution. Like Int'l Forecaster Bob Chapman says: "Let's hope that the citizens of the US do the same with the clandestine North American Union and the Amero." ...because they sure are pesky. AFP reports that European "leaders" vowed Saturday to fuck their sheople with a big-ass EU reform treaty despite Ireland's shock rejection." Finally, guess this one: "已将此影片新增到您的 [我的最爱]。载入中...影片已新增至您的播放清单中。此影片很快便会在您的网志...Amero. 下一个 页面:123 ... 您要进行评论吗?加入YouTube 获得免费帐户,或者如果您已是会员,请登入"

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