USAN: The South American Version?

Brazil's Fuehrer Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva recently stated that there's major sovereignty-eroding change forming in South America as well. Slowly, tho. The true masters with all that fake money and quasi-absolute power "are planning for a common currency as part of the integration of the individual countries into the Union of the South American Nations." (NaturalNews) The same kind of bullshit "union" most European countries signed-up to. The same kind of bullshit "union" North American people will be offered as solution to whoknowswhat!

South American elitist puppets pose for the official photo of the Union of South American Nations Summit, Unasur, in Brasilia, Friday, May 23, 2008. A new South American union was born Friday as leaders of the region's 12 nations set out to create a continental parliament.

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