'They' pushing inflation?

I have a real problem with the idea that “They” have engineered things so that all of the wealth and power will wind up in the hands of the usual bunch of trilateralists /zionists /masters-of-the-universe/Goldman Sachs Directors, etc. In fact, much of the West’s wealth is simply going to vanish -- just as it has begun to do with the demise of Bear Stearns and other financial behemoths. The bondholders have been spared so far, mostly at taxpayers’ and shareholders’ expense, but I’m not so sure there’ll be much of a carcass left for the supposed cabal to feast on when the K-wave deflationary trough bottoms in perhaps another 6-8 years.

By then, the real wealth of the world will have shifted – organically – to Asia and the oil producers. And while they may revere gold in those places, I doubt they will feel compelled to tie their money to it. They won’t have to, since their currencies will be strong without the artificially induced buoyancy of global reserve status the dollar has enjoyed. Also, there will be no financial powerhouses in the world that emerges from the Second Great Depression, only economic powerhouses. Financial clout should be merely a side-effect of economic clout – a fact that Americans seem to have lost sight of long ago, so busy were we enjoying the benefits of our illusory, paper-thin prosperity. (by Rick Ackerman)

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