Amero Banknotes & Amero Coins

Apparently, there is a market for private-issue fantasy pattern Amero coins and banknotes -- just another bullshit product nobody needs. -- .999 Silver!

Amero Coins

Amero Coins

Amero Coins

Props goes to OldThinkerNews' Daniel Taylor: "Pictures of the supposedly designed and coined "Amero" have been making their rounds on the internet lately, causing a stir among those aware of real proposals for a common currency between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It seems as though certain individuals have picked up on this design and propagated the idea that it is a legitimate and official design of the Amero currency to be distributed en masse. Further research reveals that the design comes from a known parody coin designer named Daniel Carr, and is a collectable, fantasy pattern."

"Truthfully, I prefer the Union of North America, because then you end up with U.N.A. and you can say 'UNA,' whereas you can't really say 'NAU' in a word." ~Daniel Carr

Not sure who's behind these Amero banknotes, though.
Amero Banknotes

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