"...this grim Orwellian future."

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The Dangers of the "North American Union"

This Conservative Roundtable interview of Jerome Corsi by Howard Phillips reveals how behind closed doors, the Bush administration has ... all » collaborated with the governments of Mexico and Canada to merge the three nations into one Socialist mega-state: the "North American Union", also known as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). Freedom and our Constitution will have no place in this grim Orwellian future. The Dollar will be scrapped for the "Amero". There will be no First Amendment and no limit on the power of government. One of the prime architects of the NAU, Robert Pastor, has discussed the use of another 9/11 crisis to force through the merger--in other words, you and even Congress won't even have a voice in the Bush-led surrender of our country--unless we all act NOW to have Congress outlaw any Presidential actions which would lead to such a merger of our nations in any way. Canadian citizens would lose their independence to their southern neighbors under the NAU. America's former borders would be wide open to drug smuggling and terrorists. Mexico would become empty as all citizens by right could move to the U.S. or Canada. Leaders in both major U.S. parties are determined to wipe out your freedom, unless you act now. Howard Phillips is the Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, America's Constitutional Government action organization. Your assistance is invited.

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