"It shames the stench of rancid meat"

At this point in time, one has to consider the efforts of good, decent Americans over the past 90 some years regarding the income tax and where we are today with the inescapable fact that (1) the dollar may not survive; (2) foreign countries own our debt and don't want any more; (3) Congress and Bush are not going to stop what's coming when that first wave of baby boomers begin retiring next year; (4) Congress will do nothing about the IRS because they need it or an alternative scheme; (5) the courts are so rotten and corrupt, only a miracle will save you anymore on an IRS case and the big one (6) the North American Union/SPP and a push for something called the Amero. Let me add the ten ton elephant which is going to break the back of this government and economy: the incalculable price tag of our aging population and medical care. I've written about these issues before while Congress simply continues ignores this ten ton elephant standing in the middle of the room. At some point, the IRS becomes useless because there isn't enough money in the universe to pay these debts. At some point printing up even more worthless Federal Reserve "Notes" will also run its course to stave off the inevitable.

"Taxation follows public debt, and in its train wretchedness and oppression." ~Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kerchival, Monticello, 1816


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