...to be eliminated

"The only real reason for gold to go higher is if investors feel that it will hold its value better than other forms of money. For instance, if you lived in Zimbabwe today and were offered an ounce of gold or a brown paper bag of rapidly depreciating Zimbabwean dollars, what would you take? (Hint: take the gold; inflation in Zimbabwe is so bad that a roll of toilet paper now costs over $200,000.)
But the world doesn’t trade off the back of the Zimbabwean currency unit. That honor belongs to the U.S. dollar which, as you are no doubt aware, has evolved into the de facto reserve asset of virtually every central bank in the world today.
That the unbacked currency of one country is now the core holding of all the countries in the world is unprecedented in the history of the world.


[...] Monster chickens, the product of decades of proliferate spending, will eventually come home to roost on a shaky house of cards. The monetary crisis that will follow will eliminate the U.S. dollar as a serious competitor to gold… the only asset that has withstood the test of time as money. And we are not talking decades, but millennia." ~David Galland

Read the whole article: "Lessons from History: The Simple Path to Resource Riches" and say NO to U.S. Dollars and YES to real value, i.e., the gold and silver currency!

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