Kiss sovereignty good-bye!

It is critical to note, the information presented on this site is not conspiracy theory, shock journalism or speculation. The SPP is an international work-in-progress that the U.S. State Department and Department of Commerce have embarked on without the consent or oversight of the U.S. Senate or Congress.

Speculation and subjectivity related to the facts presented will be restricted to the associated blog, on this site. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

The citizens of the United States must awaken to the impending reality that our sovereign nation is being assimilated by an unconstitutional union--a union with two socialist nations. As the data converge, many unexplained phenomenon, such as the mystery of unenforced immigration laws and the "Trans-Texas" international corridor, will illuminate.

[...] These are the words of a Canadian advocate for the creation of a new currency for North American countries. His theories seem to lead the pack of similar philosophers and economists.

In a foreword for Grubel's study on the prospect, Gordon Gibson characterizes the situation as such:

"Most fundamentally however, Mr. Grubel makes the sensible observation that "sovereignty is not infinitely valuable." Every nation in the world, even the mighty United States, has traded off elements of sovereignty to multi-national associations such as the WTO, NAFTA, and the United Nations. Canada has been in the forefront of encouraging every such development--a natural policy for a middle power."

Source: AmeroCurrency.com

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