Another illegal performance enhancing drug called "Unbacked Fiat Currency"

The obscene fiat money orgy triggered by Nixon has been sustained only by the grotesque market manipulation of the Gold Cartel, Presidents Working Group on Financial markets (PPT) and the Counter-party Risk Management Group
(CPRMG). Without this manipulation the buying power of the dollar would have diminished much quicker and its impact on the demand side would therefore have also diminished. The interference with the classic inflation barometer, gold, has led to the illusion of the US Economic Miracle which was achieved with an illegal performance enhancing drug called “unbacked fiat currency”. Thirty seven years of turbo-charged growth has surpassed the world’s ability to provide commodities of all description and sucked dry most of the world’s stockpiles.
The rising dollar price of real things is the manifestation of the laws of economics rebalancing the purchasing power of an over produced piece of paper against an under-produced real “good”. Throughout history when it takes more and more fiat paper to pay for real things, when economics screams there is an oversupply of fiat paper currency, the perverse reaction of all governments has been to interpret this as a shortage of fiat currency and so they produce more to be able to pay the higher prices! It is now called “injecting liquidity”. It doesn’t matter what euphemism is used, thanks to Richard M. Nixon, we are irretrievably on the road to hyperinflation. Precious metals, natural resources and the companies that find and produce them is where wealth preservation and growth truly lies.

~Adrian Douglas, MarketForceAnalysis

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