Amer D'oh!

As the Boston Globe in their accurate and daring reporting in their article entitled "The Amero Conspiracy" they say, If you haven't heard about the NAU, that may be because its plotters have succeeded in keeping it secret. Or, more likely, because there is no such thing." Wow, the BOSTON GLOBE!, the GREAT PURVEYOR OF TRUTH, constantly uncovering the untrue conspiracies, I hear everyday about the great journalism going on at the Boston Globe... one of the world's most important newspapers. [...]

One of the great conspiracy theorists of our country in none other than Lou Dobbs of CNN. This guy is certifiably NUTS and there is no conspiracy that he doesn't believe in... give Lou a picture of a UFO and he can clearly see the GRAYS driving and ready to abduct. Let's see what this great conspiracy theorist himself says about the AMERO. [...] Ok, so the truth is that none of this is new... and candidly, a plan that makes a whole lot of sense for big business. [...]

The funny thing is that "conspiracy theorists" are in some pretty good company (this time) about the NAU... such as CNN and CNBC and just about every major foreign news service. And again... you think I'm nuts? Go to "You Tube" and search "North American Union"... and see how many hits you get (hint... hundreds of thousands of videos).

And then you may want to ask yourself... where am I? why am I so poorly informed? and where have I been for the past several years while all of this has been planned and is now in the execution phase?

Source: Bruce Lays it Out Good B.L.O.G.

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