Keep it stupid, simples!

Consider the agenda of our government in 2008. Why would Americans want to merge with Mexico and Canada? I can see a reason why we might want to "conquer" them, but to merge with them? No, yet it is being done right now, this minute. Americans don't want the "amero" as our new dollar and we don't want open borders. [...] We want an honest government with leaders who actually have integrity and qualities we have come to expect from Americans. Sadly, we have very little of this maybe five in the whole country. What we have is a corrupt government full of self-serving demagogues (550 or so people) who have nothing in mind but to further their own coffers as they sell our sovereignty -- but oh yes, they'll possibly write you a form letter saying absolutely nothing in response to your query. It's time for a revolution. Our government is supposed to serve us, not the other way around.

by Marica Stirman

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