Yo quiero pesos!

We now know without doubt that Bush wants us to submerge our sovereignty with Canada and Mexico and that the resulting political, economic and monetary union will require some significant re-alignment in the values of the three currencies currently in existence. Now, no three separate countries have identical economies, so 'harmonization' (nice sounding word for something very unpleasant)in the values of the US and Canadian dollar with the Mexican Peso is something we WILL see starting to occur if we ARE heading down the road to such a full-blown marriage.

How do we know this? From the recent experience of our friends in Europe, of course! The same forces are in the driving seat there as well as here. The bulk of European countries since 2001 have adopted the Euro, which is a complex composite of the various former currencies of those participating countries. In order for them all to be assimilated into one unitary currency, Europe had to go through a lengthy period of economic convergence - as we shall have to here, too, for the plan to work across north America.

It'll be a simpler matter here, though. Only 3 economies to converge rather than over 20 as was the case of Europe. It can be achieved very much more quickly. It is Mexico's Peso that is the main problem for Bush & Co.

If you don't read the whole article, you're against World Peace!

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