Another Legitimate Senate Campaign Issue!

In the race for the Republican nomination for South Carolina's U.S. Senate seat, one hot topic of actual debate is over what could be a fictional issue. Columbia dentist Buddy Witherspoon is challenging Sen. Lindsey Graham for the GOP nomination, challenging Graham on his support for [...] a "North American Union," which would merge the United States, Canada and Mexico into one political and economic entity.

"It is apparently fashioned after the European Union," Witherspoon told WYFF News 4's Beth Brotherton. "I believe in this great nation, I've stood for it through the years and as long as I have breath in this body I will continue to stand for what is right," he said. Witherspoon said the creation of the NAU would also mean the creation of a joint currency called the Amero, after the Euro.
"The North American Union, whether it is something that is in the making or not, we don't want to get caught in a vise all of a sudden with our constitution and sovereignty down the drain," Witherspoon said.

Graham says the issue is nonsense, nothing more than an Internet conspiracy theory he says. "I think most Americans would find it hard to believe, it is hard to believe, a baseless Internet rumor," Graham said.

Source: WYFF Greenville

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