US Dollar - the worst of major fiat currencies

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"Kept economists throughout our once great land are singing the praises of an interest rate cut. They all have demanded a cut, now it’s a question of how much ¼% or ¾%? Perhaps even 2%. The noise is deafening or should we say disinformation. Now the question is will Mr. Bernanke’s elitist handlers allow him to stand pat on rates and buy the dollar more time?

If rates are lowered we can expect hyperinflation. A falling dollar and eventually the Japanese disease, which has been 16 years of deflation and depression. Were it not for virtually no interest rate, a rigged currency and a supplicant export market in America, Japan would have collapsed economically years ago. Japan tried every Keynesian nostrum. Everything failed and all they have left to show for it is unbelievable piles of debt. [...] Our dollar teeters on the edge of the abyss. Not only is it again challenging 80 on the dollar index, but also to add insult to injury, our manufacturers of breakfast foods rather than raise prices have reduced content and the size of the box to offset higher costs and inflation. If the fed lowers interest rates the manufactures may have to cut the size of the box in half. The dollar is the worst of major fiat currencies. Unfortunately the rest are little better. We begin our 4th week into the destruction of the debt bubble as credit continues to contract in spite of a $700 billion worldwide infusion of credit. [...] The second wave of the gold and silver bull market is about to unfold, as $850 is broken to the upside. Phase two will be achieved much more quickly to $2,300 to $2,500. For the next few years’ inflation will run rampant not only against the dollar but every other currency that inflates, which is most of them. This breakout in gold and silver will prove fortuitous at the best possible time due to climbing costs of production at gold and silver mines. The producers are telling us that and they will soon break out to new highs and the juniors and exploration companies will follow. The greed of the elitists, the Fed and Wall Street will show that the Fed has no mastery over the monetary system. Do not be left behind, buy gold and silver now." ~Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster

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