Capsize the buck!

The Financial Times has reported that "the Qatari and Vietnamese governments ... are rapidly divesting in dollar denominated securities [and that this] will not come as good news to the US government. Overseas investors hold half of America’s $4,400bn of marketable government debt, up from a third in 2001 according to the US Treasury department." For at least some financial observers, the idea that Qatar is dumping the dollar without the implicit, if not explicit, approval of American political powers-that-be is hard to fathom.

In fact, as has been pointed out by FMNN commentators in the past, Qatar is a staunch ally of the United States and the jumping off point for its invasion into Iraq. Not only that, but the ruling family owes its position to U.S. military invations [...]

The relationship between Qatar and the US is so close that even the Qatar creation of the Al Jazeera news network seems suspect. An outgrowth of the BBC, elaborately funded by the Qatar ruling family, could Al Jazeera be a "controlled opposition" news network rather than an actual homegrown information initiative, as has been portrayed?

In any event Qatar's announced dollar dump comes at a critical time, as the Financial Times points out. And as mentioned above, FMNN has heard that suspicious-minded financial critics of the US administration are asking if it could have anything to do with the North American Union that the American power structure seems to favor - one which would see a "super state" created from Canada, Mexico and the United States.

The lead currency of such a super state would be the so-called "Amero." Of course, the dollar itself will have to capsize in a big way before Americans will be persuaded to give up their precious currency.

Source: FreeMarketNews.com.

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