Poker Joes, Nez Perces, and Jews

One hundred and thirty years ago Chief Joseph of the Nez Perces made his famous surrender speech to General Miles on the frozen fields of Montana, a short distance from the safety of the Canadian border. The task of representing the tribe to the US Army would have normally fallen to a war chief such as Joseph's brother Ollokut, or Looking Glass. Unfortunately by then they were both dead, as was another war chief, Poker Joe. [...] So what does Poker Joe have to teach us today? Plenty. [...] Today it is just as easy to sitting around the warm glow of the television set absorbing spin and the mindless brainwashing of unfettered consumerism every bit as unaware of the forces on the move as were the naïve Nez Perces on the plains of Montana. Meanwhile the General Howards and the General Miles of today are strategizing. Has anyone heard of the North American Union? Of a joint currency called the Amero? Do you know what a VCHIP is? Do you think Bush and the rest of the oilmen and bankers care a rat's ass about the welfare of the tribe? Years ago holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, referring to the overarching treat of nuclear annihilation we all share, said "We're all Jews now". I'm suggesting we're all Nez Perce now.

Source: OpEdNews

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