Get it in your head!

As for Paul’s relationship with [Alex] Jones:

I fear that Paul isn’t about to denounce Jones, and it’s a shame. When Paul made his most recent appearance on Jones’s radio show, I asked the candidate’s spokesman why he continues to associate with Jones. I detected some quiet frustration in his answer that Paul had promised the interview and that he keeps his word in such matters. Considering that Jones’s entire operation exploits gullible people willing to believe anything about 9/11, he might want to consider making fewer such promises in the future.

Indeed. Or none at all, even. Between that, his fears of a new Gulf of Tonkin incident in the Persian Gulf to precipitate war with Iran, and his warnings about the plans for a North American Union (replete with new Amero currency), people might start to get it in their heads that he’s a crank.

Source: HotAir.com

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