The supreme currency

History repeats itself. Hitler invaded Poland and all of Europe. Hispanic & Muslim nations now invade the U.S.; world conquest is the Objective.

Hitler convinced the German People their neighbors were the cause of their economic problems. He convinced them the only way to recover was to recognize their inherent right to invade and take back land they had stolen from them. Germans were declared the supreme race and all others were inferiors who did not deserve to live. It was their heritage as proud Aryan people, it was their duty to take over the world and repopulate it with the master race.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox, and current President Calderón both insist where a Mexican stands, is also Mexico. They insist they have a right to cross international borders to resolve economic crises they blame on their neighbor. They demand a union between all nations in the America’s for Mutual Prosperity and Security to honor the racial heritage of the latinos. [...] How much more documentation does it take to define intent of the invaders who have come into the United States illegally?

Fox admits, the amero is coming, he admits the invasion is by design to help the sagging Mexican economy and promote open borders, he admits he is backing invasion because his people need jobs and jobs are in the United States, he admits he wants to destroy American Sovereignty and replace it with a new Union of states including all of north and south America, he admits he is stealing American jobs and wealth, and some United States citizens think unbridled illegal alien invasion is purely an economic driven invasion.

Fox is similar to Hitler who told his citizens it was their national right to invade other nations and then promoted that invasion with all of the government support he could give them.

Source: American Chronicle

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