The Amero: "A fantasy" of "con men, nuts, and ignoramuses"

"There's a phony story going around about a mythical currency that's supposed to replace the dollar called the "amero." [...] New Jersey blogger Hal Turner says a friend in the U.S. Treasury smuggled him a 20-amero coin made at the U.S. Mint in Denver – evidence, he writes, of a conspiracy to unite the United States, Canada and Mexico in a North American Union. [...] Mr. Turner stands by his story and says he has now heard from an anonymous ATM maker that the government is starting to provide specifications for amero paper bills. What will this guy sell next? Mexican shares in the Brooklyn Bridge? [... The] Amero's nothing but a gag coin." ~Jim Landers, DallasNews.com


John Hawkins at Town Hall and Right Wing News offers convincing reasons for not believing that President Bush and other members of the United States Government are conspiring to merge this country with Canada and Mexico in a North American Union (NAU) and replace the dollar with the amero, beginning with a lack of evidence and culminating in a lot of implausibility. He laments: "It's almost an every day thing...even though the odds of the NAU coming to pass are slightly less likely than a Dennis Kucinich/Rosie O'Donnell ticket winning every state in 2008."

Source: The Claremont Institute


"I love (the North American Union theory) because if you ever doubt your own sanity, all you have to do is read this stuff and realize that you're okay." ~Charles Krauthammer

"You lay out a conspiracy and then force some people to try to prove it doesn't exist. That's just the way some people operate." ~George Bush on the North American Union

"But aside from the chilling prospect of a ‘Monster Highway’ (Why is a new road in Texas supposed to be so scary?) there’s no reason at all to believe in the ludicrous, childish, ill-informed, manipulative, brain dead fantasies about a North American Union." ~Michael Medved

"Unfortunately, it's difficult to logically prove to people who buy into the NAU (Try to stifle a giggle here) that George Bush isn't going to merge the United States, Canada, and Mexico together to form one giant nation -- because there's no logic, consistency, or reasoning behind the theory. It's nothing more than the worst sort of black helicopter paranoia combined with naked ignorance about how our government works -- promoted by con men, nuts, and ignoramuses who think they'll increase traffic to their websites, raise money, or sell more books by convincing people that the North American Union is actually going to happen. [...] At a time when illegal immigration, carbon offset trading schemes, the international criminal court, the Law of the Sea treaty, and so many other real issues that may affect our sovereignty are being debated, it's a shame to see so many conservatives marginalizing themselves by tilting at an imaginary NAU windmill. With that in mind, once all you conspiracy theorists are done fretting about the Canucks and Mexicans teaming up to take over the world's only super power with George Bush's help, those of us back in the real world could use your help fighting the good fight for this country's future." ~John Hawkins, Townhall.com

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